Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Need help in Colorado from those in Colorado


Right through the full vote of the Legislature and right into the 2014 elections, where we will hand the Bloomberg shills their  heads!

These four Senators hold the key to stopping one of more of these horrific bills, and I understand they are swamped with contacts...but we need more!

Contact them, but DO SO WITH COURTESY AND HONOR! I have spent the last 2 business days at the State House, and I have not been treated with either courtesy or honor. Pissed me off, and that's the last thing we want to do with our legislators.

These are RMGO email links that include a message. I encourage you to write your own, but keep it short and keep it courteous. Senator Todd actually took the time to go to a range and shoot, even though she expressed a fear of guns. However she votes in the end, she stood up...and so should we!

Senator Angela Giron -SD03- (303)866-4878
Senator Jeanne Nicholson -SD16- (303)866-4873
Senator Cheri Jahn -SD20- (303)866-4856
Senator Nancy Todd -SD28- (303)866-3342

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