Wednesday, June 7, 2017

5 reasons to support National Reciprocity

5 Reasons:

1. Exercising a right shouldn’t be contingent upon what state you’re in.
2. You don’t want to be an accidental criminal.
3. Concealed carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding citizens in the country.
4. Reciprocity laws can change frequently with little notice…
5. Law-abiding concealed carriers can protect YOU in all 50 states.

The truth is responsible, law-abiding concealed carriers are an added layer of protection for ALL of us. Unfortunately, too many states make it difficult or impossible for gun owners to carry concealed — let alone across state lines. In this uncertain world, the last thing states should do is disarm law-abiding gun owners. That doesn’t make anyone safer. But you know what will? Empowering gun owners with the freedom to exercise their right to defend their life and the lives of those around them — no matter what state they’re in.

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