Thursday, March 7, 2013

A little more help for Colorado


One More Senator to Contact...
Senator John Kefalas is from Ft. Collins, and as a property owner in Larimer County, where Ft. Collins is located, I can STONE COLD GUARANTEE you that Senator Kefalas' constituents want no part of these laws. Secondly, I have talked a good bit to Larimer County elected Sheriff Justin Smith, and he is 100% against the fact, his testimony on the unenforceability of these laws was snubbed by the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday. Ft. Collins and Larimer County are also hotbeds of shooting competitions.

Please contact Senator Kefalis and RESPECTFULLY urge him to stand with his constituents, with the people of Colorado, and NOT with the Mayor of New York City!

Phone: 303-866-4841

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