Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do not forget COFFEE!

Make sure that you do not forget your coffee!

I must admit that I love Peet's Coffee @
One of my favorites is Sumatra. To quote Peets: "Very full body, very concentrated flavor. Sweet, slightly earthy, herbal nuances with a gutsy richness. A favorite of Peet's customers for years. Also available in decaf.

Sumatra's coffees are grown almost exclusively by smallholders and processed by the semi-washed or wet-hulled method. The fruit is pulped on the farm, often by means of a hand-cranked mill, and the seeds, still encased in an endocarp, washed in a basket or bucket. They are laid on a mat for the briefest of dryings. Collectors purchase and hull the coffee at high internal moisture, removing the parchment, and exposing the beans. They subsequently dry in stages (and infuse with Sumatran character) all the way to the godowns in the port of Medan. "

BOB or Bug Out Bag

So what do you use, what equipment  do you pack, what do you carry in it, and what is it?

All good questions. I personally feel that each person BOB will be different; because each of us is different. What I might use and pack may not fit your needs or your friends. Thus I hope that I will be able to guide you to some answers. I will be doing the research and thus you will need to read and decide what works for you.

Basics: Water (at least 3 liters), Food (backpack or energy bars), Clothing, Shelter (emergency tent/blanket), Firearm & Ammo, First Aid (be sure to include your meds), Light (flashlight/sticks), communications (radio, cell, walki), knives, and Fire (lighter/waterproof matches). 

Of course there is always more items that you can think of that you need.

Thus here are some thoughts on that research.

From my friend Reaver (at; he has made a list of items that he recommends. I found that his list is one of the better ones available. Here is part of it:

"Alright so your new into the prepping community, and you've decided to stock food and meds first. Awesome! you've got a few months now how are you going to protect it from all the goul's and gobblins out there trying to take it from you?
In this Post you will find items that I know for a fact through time and or personnel experience WILL NOT FAIL YOU!
First you need a weapon and some ammo."

You can get the entire article @

Or:  The 7 types of gear you must have in your BOB @

Or: Assembling a BOB @

Or: How about the Ultimate BOB @

Or: Even has suggestions for a BOB @

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Akron Mayor - does he believe in the 2nd Amendment?

Does Akron, Ohio Mayor (Donald L. Plusquellic ) believe in the 2nd Amendment? He belongs to the !!!!! And they, Mayors, are calling on Obama to strengthen enforcement of country’s gun laws. We already know that gun laws do not work!!!!  So how can a person that is suppose to support the ideas of the city want to take away our 2nd Amendment right???? How do we protect ourselves because he has removed police and shows continued lack of support for those men/women in blue?

I think that Akron needs to look for some new to become it leader.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My name is Rod, and I am the creator of this website.
I came up with the idea in March of 2011 and decided that I should build a website to increase the level of enjoyment, interactivity, and networking potential among members of the internet firearms community. Little did I know that the ideas would keep pouring in and it would evolve into its current form. I have no experience with web development so this is a self conceived, and self built website. After much work, dedication, time and expense, we