Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smith & Wesson Congratulates 2012 IDPA Indoor National Championship Winners

Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced the successful completion of the 2012 International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Indoor National Championships over the weekend. Marking the 15th anniversary of this prestigious event, competitors traveled to Springfield, Massachusetts, from around the globe to compete in what has become one of the top inaugural matches of the competitive season. Held at the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center, the three-day event concluded with five division titles and 10 special category winners being named from the 300+ competitors.competitive shooting.

CDP Champion: Glenn Shelby
ESP Champion: Dan Burwell
SSP Champion: Robert Vogel
ESR Champion: Jerry Miculek
SSR Champion: Joe Linskey
High Senior: James Martino
High Lady: Randi Rogers
High Law Enforcement: Robert Vogel
High Press: Scotty McGregor
High Industry: David Olhasso
High International: Juan Carlos Gonzalez Valdez
High Junior: Tori Nonaka
High Military: Rob Tate
Most Distinguished Senior: Ray Duroy
Most Accurate: Dean Brevit

Seventh Annual Midwest 3-Gun Championship Set for May 19-21

The CMMG Midwest 3-Gun Championships will once again be held at the Fire for Effect range near Fayette, Missouri on May 19-21, 2012. This match attracts some of the finest shooters in the country, and competitors and spectators can expect a challenging course and exciting weekend of competitive shooting.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shooters Edge Offering Training To Become Professional Security Contractor And Dignitary Protection Specialist

The 60-hour course is designed to prepare individuals for a career in the protection industry. The program is a blend of classroom and hands on training.

The course will be conducted beginning on March 19th, 2012 through March 23rd, 2012. Registration deadline is Monday, March 12th, 2012.

Upon successful completion of the course, the graduate will have full membership in the Association for Professional Security Contractors. The APSC offers career assistance through their website. Job listings are updated daily.

Contact Mike Lewis or Don Reimer at 423-538-3343 for more information, or email Mike Lewis at Class size is limited.

Shooters Edge

CrossBreed Introduces New OWB Mag Carriers CrossBreed Introduces New OWB Mag Carriers

Carrying spare magazines is always a good idea and frankly, a life-saving decision at times. CrossBreed Holsters is pleased to provide yet another option for doing so. Our OWB Mag Carrier has been completely redesigned for better concealment and, most importantly, easier access to the mags.

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Steiner Introduces Its Newest Bird of Prey: the Merlin Pro

Lightweight, compact, surprisingly robust, and upgraded with several new key features, the Merlin Pro provides the rapid target acquisition and close focusing that will help you spot your game. With its roof-prism design, the Merlin Pro will be available in four models: 8x42, 10x32, 10x42 and 10x50.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Remington Introduces Model 700 SPS Tactical 300 Blackout

Model 700 SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) Tactical 300 Blackout

Chambered for the incredibly popular 300 AAC® Blackout®, this new rifle features the time-proven Model 700 action and is designed to impress from the bench or in the field at a very affordable price.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hornady® Recalls 7 Lots of 500 S&W 300 grain FTX® Custom™ Pistol Ammo

Hornady® Manufacturing announced the recall of seven lots of 500 S&W 300 gr. FTX® Custom™ pistol ammunition. Hornady ballisticians have determined that some cartridges from Lot numbers 3101327, 3110256, 3110683, 3110695, 3110945, 3111388, 3111885, may exhibit excessive chamber pressures. Use of this product may result in firearm damage and/or personal injury.

Product Recall Details:
Item number 9249
500 S&W 300 grain FTX® Custom™ Pistol Ammunition. These lots were shipped between September 9, 2010, and October 17, 2011.

Included Lot Numbers:

The lot number can be found printed on the lower portion of the box label.

If you own any of these Lot numbers or have any questions regarding this recall, please call 800-338-1242. Hornady Manufacturing Company will make all arrangements associated with the return and replacement of this product.

Any other lot numbers or item numbers are not subject to this recall and require no action.

Record Number of Ohioans Carrying Concealed Firearms

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) has released the concealed handgun license (CHL) statistics for the fourth quarter of 2011. Ohio sheriffs set a new record issuing almost 12,000 CHLs for the busiest fourth quarter in the program's eight-year history.

Demand was up 12% compared to the same period a year earlier. By the end of 2011, approximately 265,083 Ohio residents were licensed to carry concealed handguns. This number will likely approach 300,000 by the end of 2012.

This means that more than five people per hour, or 184 per work-day, received a new or renewed CHL from an Ohio sheriff.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Burris Introduces Three New Mounting Systems

Burris continues to solve the scope and sight mounting challenges of target shooters, multi-gun competitors and hunters with the introduction of the 30mm AR-Pivot Ring, AR-T.E.R. Extension Ring and XTR Quick Detach Tactical Rings.

Nationwide Starbucks "reverse boycott", or BUYcott, brings in many generous customers

by Chad D. Baus

On February 14, 2012 gun rights advocates across the country provided an economic stimulus to their local Starbucks stores. The effort came together in response to the January 23 announcement that of a Valentine's Day boycott scheduled by an anti-self-defense group calling itself the "National Gun Victim's Action Council." The group is demanding that Starbucks, which takes a neutral position on concealed carry, change its corporate policy and prohibit guns in the stores.

Once learning of the boycott, gun owners sprang into quick action, organizing a "reverse boycott" and taking a page from the NGVAC by coordinating through Facebook. Support for the "reverse boycott" was so successful that, before Valentine's Day arrived, the NGVAC was reportedly forced to remove the list of boycott participants from public view on its Facebook event page after the tiny number was dwarfed by more than 24,500 Facebook users committing to participate in the "reverse boycott." (What they cannot hide, however, is the tiny number of followers on this supposedly national anti-gun groups' Facebook page - just 258. By comparison, Buckeye Firearms Association has over 11,700.)

Many participants agreed to pay and/or tip with $2 bills to signify support for the Second Amendment. And while it is impossible to measure the exact financial boost the reverse boycott had on Starbucks' bottom line, the anecdotal evidence posted at the Facebook event page for the 'BUYcott' suggests it was substantial. The comments also suggest that most store managers weren't aware of the NGVAC boycott, but they were definitely aware of the increased business thanks to gun owners!

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Record-setting quarter caps second-best year ever

Attorney General announces Fourth Quarter 2011 CHL statistics; Record-setting quarter caps second-best year ever

by Jim Irvine

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) has released the concealed handgun license (CHL) statistics for the fourth quarter of 2011. Ohio sheriffs set a new record issuing almost 12,000 CHLs for the busiest fourth quarter in the program's eight year history. Demand was up 12% compared to the same period a year earlier. At the end of the year, we set another all-time record of approximately 265,083 Ohio residents licensed to carry concealed firearms. The total of persons with Ohio concealed handgun licenses continues to climb above the quarter of a million mark set in the third quarter of last year and will likely approach 300,000 by the end of this year.

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"911 is a joke"

by Chad D. Baus reported recently that justifiable homicide in the City of Detroit shot up 79 percent in 2011 from the previous year, as citizens in the long-suffering city armed themselves and took matters into their own hands.

According to the article, the local rate of self-defense killings now stands 2,200 percent above the national average. Residents, unable to rely on a dwindling police force to keep them safe, are fighting back against the criminal scourge on their own. And The Daily says they're offering no apologies.

From the article:

"We got to have a little Old West up here in Detroit. That's what it's gonna take," Detroit resident Julia Brown told The Daily.

The last time Brown, 73, called the Detroit police, they didn't show up until the next day. So she applied for a permit to carry a handgun and says she's prepared to use it against the young thugs who have taken over her neighborhood, burglarizing entire blocks, opening fire at will and terrorizing the elderly with impunity.

"I don't intend to be one of their victims," said Brown, who has lived in Detroit since the late 1950s. "I'm planning on taking one out."

How it got this bad in Detroit has become a point of national discussion. Violent crime settled into the city's bones decades ago, but recently, as the numbers of police officers have plummeted and police response times have remained distressingly high, citizens have taken to dealing with things themselves.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Burris Adds Two New AR Red-Dot Sights

Now there are two more optical options to choose from for the AR rifle platform with Burris’ introduction of the AR-132 and AR-536 sights.

For quick target acquisition or close-quarters shooting, the new 1X AR-132 is the ticket.

The AR-536 is the new long-range sight for the AR platform, and it sets a new standard for performance of a tactical prism sight.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

JP Enterprises Debuts New Silent Captured Spring

This self-contained spring/buffer assembly unit completely eliminates the AR's ever-present "wood rasp" sound generated by the scraping of coarse Mil-Spec springs in the extension tube each time the rifle is cycled. With the JP Silent Captures Spring, each cycling of the action is silent and smooth with no residual twang or vibration during live fire.

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Laserlyte Introduces CK-Swat for All Taurus Revolvers and S&W J-Frames

This does include the Taurus Judges (Public Defender).

The new LaserLyte® CK-SWAT laser mounts easily underneath the grip and is the only laser system available that allows the customer to retain the factory grip and comfortably and easily holster the firearm.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

GunVault Introduces The SpeedVault

GunVault, manufacturer of the highly popular GunVault compact security safes, introduces the SpeedVault. The demand for convenient home, office or business security makes SpeedVault a smart solution for storing handguns. The SpeedVault is a drop-down safe that can be mounted under a desk or in various locations for a variety of concealment with a holster-like protective foam lined interior.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits 2012 Celebrate American Values

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is pleased to announce this year's Annual Meetings and Exhibits to be held at America's Center in St. Louis, Missouri from April 12-15, 2012.

For updates and announcements, be sure to follow NRA on Facebook at and on Twitter @NRAILA.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The CHART?!?

KRISS Vectors

The Vectors are a riot to shoot....40 and 9mm flavors are on the horizon. According to Michael Bane.

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Sara Ahrens

McMillan Introduces CS5 Concealable Rifle

The McMillan CS5™ is designed for stealth and concealment in urban settings.

The bolt action CS5 is specifically designed as a compact and concealable precision tactical rifle. It is available in suppressed configuration for military and law enforcement applications, as well as standard configuration.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New For 2012: Rock River Arms Fred Eichler Series Predator .223

Rock River Arms, Inc., an industry leader well-known for producing a full line of high-quality AR15-style rifles, components, parts, and accessories introduces the Fred Eichler Series Predator .223 rifle, representing further growth in RRA's expanding line of high performance hunting firearms.

Some Specifications:
Model: Fred Eichler Series .223 Predator Rifle
Caliber: .223
Barrel length: 1:8 twist, 16" mid-length Stainless Steel cryogenically treated barrel
Gas Block: Low-profile hidden gas block
Trigger: Chrome, RRA National Match two-stage trigger, trigger group with Parkerized non-reflective surface on trigger shoe

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Nikon P-223 Expands AR Rifle Offerings

The new P-223 series of riflescopes broadens Nikon's line of precision optics for AR rifles. Designed for extreme sighting speed and superior long-range accuracy for AR platform rifles and .223 cartridges, the P-223 is offered in 3-9x40 long range and 3x32 Carbine models.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Crossbreed Holsters Introduces SuperSlide

Adding to our line-up of OWB holsters, we are excited to introduce the SuperSlide. The SuperSlide 3-slot holster can be worn in one of two positions. Most common is the standard behind the hip with a slight forward cant set-up. This is probably the most common carry position for CCW and off-duty carry as it provides great concealment and easy access to the firearm, while keeping the gun out of the way and in a comfortable location. The second option is a slight reverse cant for cross draw wear. Though not as commonly used as other carry positions, cross draw can still be a useful and viable option to have for driving or while seated for long periods of time.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

LaserLyte Announces One Laser Fits All GLOCKs

LaserLyte® returns to basics with the patented RTB-GL rear sight laser that fits all GLOCK® firearms. The high performance laser built into a rear sight specifically designed for all GLOCK pistols features a simple, ambidextrous "press and go" activation. The laser is easily programmable to either constant on or pulse mode. Another great feature is the "auto-off" feature that displays a unique flash after 5-minutes of operation and automatically turns the unit off after 6-minutes.

Vortex Redesigns Crossfire Riflescope Series

Vortex completely redesigned its Crossfire riflescope series for 2012 taking them to an entirely new level. Clearer optics, a tougher build, better eye-relief and a more forgiving eye box are hallmarks of the updated line. The only place they don't step up significantly is in price - a good thing for budget-conscious hunters and shooters who want a quality scope, but don't want to break the bank.

Vortex Razor Red Dot for AR, Shotgun, Pistol

Truly at home on an AR, pistol, shotgun or offset-mounted along side your primary magnified optic, the compact Razor ensures rapid, accurate, target acquisition - every time.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colt Adds Crimson Trace Grips to New Agent Pistol

Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC has teamed up with Crimson Trace Corporation for the first ever Lasergrips®, grip-integrated laser sight emblazoned with the Colt® logo, which is now standard on the Colt New Agent® pistol. This compact, lightweight Colt 1911 series pistol with wrap-around, front activation laser sight, gives shooters increased accuracy and confidence in their shot placement.

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