Tuesday, February 9, 2016

FASTER Saves Lives program recommended to be adopted at first Connecticut school

by Chad D. Baus
3:00PM FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2016
Just over three years after a deadly attack on an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut inspired Buckeye Firearms Foundation to begin a program to arm school faculty, news media in the Constitution State are reporting that the Foundation's FASTER Saves Lives program is being considered for adoption in a Kent, CT school just 40 miles from Sandy Hook Elementary.

Town selectmen have asked the Board of Education to consider adopting a school safety program that includes arming teachers and other school staffers with guns.

By a 2-1 vote earlier this week, the Board of Selectmen agreed to recommend the “FASTER Saves Lives” program, which was developed by Ohio’s Buckeye Firearms Association in the aftermath of Sandy Hook and other school shootings.

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Court Decision, Drug Lord’s Capture Illustrate Ongoing Fallout of Operation Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious was an ill-conceived “law enforcement” operation in which agents allowed straw purchasers to buy firearms illegally in the United States and take them into Mexico without being apprehended. The deliberate decision to let the guns “walk” was supposedly so the agents could track them to their ultimate destination of the drug cartels that funded their purchase.

The agents, however, lost track of more than 1,300 firearms, a number of which began showing up at the scenes of murders in Mexico. Meanwhile, the administration was using the recovery of American firearms at Mexican crime scenes to push for national gun control in the U.S., including a requirement that licensed dealers in Border States register certain rifle sales with the government. Needless to say, the administration had not revealed that some of those crime guns wound up in Mexico under the U.S. government’s own supervision.

Things finally came to a head on December 14, 2010, when U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a shootout with drug traffickers who were armed with a gun that had been allowed to “walk” during Operation Fast & Furious. ATF whistleblowers then came forward, and the scandal began receiving investigative attention from Congress and the media.

Now, after years of further negotiations and legal wrangling, a federal judge (appointed by Obama) ruled [recently] against the administration’s claim and ordered the release of thousands of additional documents. While the Committee did not get everything it requested, the ruling represents a victory in the effort to impose transparency and accountability on an administration that has been sorely lacking in both. In response to the ruling, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), chairman of the Committee, pledged to “continue investigating until we get to the truth.”

In the meantime, the fallout of Operation Fast & Furious continues. Coincidentally, on the same day the court ruled against the Obama administration, sources confirmed to Fox News that a .50 caliber rifle involved in Fast & Furious was recovered from the hideout where notorious Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was recently captured. Guzman was taken into custody after a gun battle with Mexican officials during which one Mexican marine was wounded and five of Guzman’s men were killed. Investigation into the origins of other firearms seized from Guzman’s lair continues.

While Eric Holder’s tenure as attorney general has ended, America’s gun owners still have to endure another year with his boss in the White House.  Meanwhile, the citizenry of Mexico, and perhaps even the United States, will have to endure the continuing violence wrought by the administration’s deliberate arming of drug cartels.

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FBI: Number of reported rapes in the country rose 9.6% in 2015

by Greg Ellifritz
Editor's Note: Police in the hometown of Ohio University say there is a serial rapist on the loose in the southeastern Ohio college town of Athens. The victims were all young women walking home in the middle of the night. Ohio colleges and universities are currently barred by state law from allowing their students to exercise their Second Amendment rights. HB 48 seeks to change that.
According to the preliminary research put out by the FBI, violent crime went up in the first six months of 2015.  The crime of rape was the fastest growing of all violent crimes.  The number of reported rapes in the country rose 9.6 per cent.

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Cincinnati homeowner repeatedly dials 911; waits nearly an hour for help to arrive


The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that a couple and their 9 and 7 year-old daughters were forced to wait nearly an hour after dialing 911 while a disorderly man on their front porch grew increasingly disoriented and violent.

From the article:
Michelle Gardner...grew increasingly frightened as the disorderly man was kicking and hitting on her doors and windows at 4360 Hamilton Ave. with a brick about 9:50 p.m. on Jan. 11. The man had been screaming and shrieking for about 30 minutes before he went onto her family's porch, prompting the first 911 calls.

It was then that Gardner's husband, Gordon Follin, first called 911. The couple's two daughters, ages 9 and 7, were asleep at the time. The couple feared for their safety and for that of the man; he wasn't wearing a coat and had taken his socks and shoes off. The temperature was in the low 20s.

911 operators sent Follin's call to dispatchers who tried to dispatch an officer four minutes after Follin called. But the officer told the dispatcher he didn't have a car available to respond, according to a recording of the dispatch provided to The Enquirer through a public records request.

Increasingly worried, Gardner called 911 back six minutes later, telling them they had a gun and would shoot the man if he broke in.

"If this guy puts his hands through my glass, he's going to get shot. He's banging on the glass,'' Gardner told the operator.

"They are already dispatched, we've got a couple units on their way there so ... if he does bust through or anything at all, call me right back, OK?" the operator told her.
But after repeated calls from both the couple and their neighbors, it took officers nearly an hour to respond to the scene.

According to the article, the average response time for such calls is roughly seven to eight minutes citywide. When seconds count, the police are minutes - or according to Assistant Police Chief David Bailey sometimes "an hour or so" - away.

Clearly the City of Cincinnati has some work to do, and yet one of the city's council members, P.G. Sittenfeld, is busy running for U.S. Senate on a platform of gun control.

On January 7 Sittenfeld called on Governor Kasich to take away people's Consitutional right to bear arms without due process if they show up on a government list, and just last week he announced a ballot initiative that would allow cities like Cincinnati to restrict the gun rights of people like the armed homeowner who was forced to wait nearly an hour for help to arrive.

Active killer murders four in Canada town, high school; President Obama silent

by Chad D. Baus

"This type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries." - President Barack Obama
In late January, a 17 year-old used a shotgun to shoot at least nine people in the remote northern Saskatchewan community of La Loche. Four are dead, including the attacker's two brothers, who he killed at home before going to the high school.
The description of the attack at the school was sadly familar:

As gun blasts thundered through the halls of the La Loche Community School last Friday, students and staff dove for cover — in classrooms, washrooms, offices and closets.
Others just froze.
“I didn’t know where to go, I felt so lost,” student Cayleen Jayden Park later recalled.
Staring down the barrel of a shotgun in the commons area, a school employee waited for the gunman to fire, thinking she could “outrace” the bullet.
She was wrong.
Shotgun pellets reportedly pierced her arm and stomach.
Amid screams of fleeing students, the suspect, described by his peers as “quiet and kind,” allegedly dared some people to tease him, while bypassing those who had been nice to him.
“No man, not you, bro,” the lanky teen is reported to have said.

One thing that was different about this attack was the response from the media and President Barack Obama. In the immediate aftermath of similar attacks in the U.S. in 2015, the president practically ran to the microphone to claim that mass shootings never happen in other civilized countries, and he pointed to steps those countries have taken (i.e. gun control laws) that he believes will work here.

President Obama often points to countries like Canada as examples of the "steps we could take" to prevent these types of attacks. So let's take a look at the steps Canada has taken.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

World War II Vet With 1911 Sends Home Invader Running For His Life

Joe Milspa, 92, may look a bit frail, but he still gets out to the pistol range fairly regularly. That practice with a 1911 pistol that he’s had for decades came in handy Sunday morning when a burglar armed with an axe broke into his home. Milspa produced his pistol and fired a shot that sent the home invader fleeing for his life.

A burglar in San Jacinto apparently picked the wrong house to break into Sunday Morning. He was confronted by a 92-year-old homeowner armed with a gun.

According to San Jacinto police, the intruder tried to gain forced entry by smashing a door with an ax at a house in the 1400 block of Chase Street at about 11 a.m.

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Clinton Claims Her Hatred For The NRA Should Get Her Elected


Per-capita murders are at the lowest levels they’ve ever been in recorded U.S. history.

So are the number of firearms accidents, thanks to education efforts by the firearms industry.

At the same time, the number of gun owners is the highest it has ever been in U.S. history, with the fastest-growing segments being young, urban and female. Concealed carry is expanding nationwide. Shotgun sports (trap, skeet, sporting clays) are the fastest growing high school sport.

We are a nation that has overwhelmingly embraced firearms as a key part of our culture. More Americans, of every walk of life, age, race, and political persuasion, are becoming gun owners.

And yet, for reasons that no one can seem to rationally explain, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is attempting to wage war against all of them.

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“Whatever Force Is Necessary:” Oklahoma Public School District Okay Guns On Campus

About 400 students in the public school system of Okay, Oklahoma will now be protected by armed staff. The school district began advocating for armed staff based on HB 2014, the Special Reserve School Resource Officer Act.

Superintendent Charles McMahan spoke exclusively with News On 6, saying small school districts like his do not have the luxury of having campus police officers or leaving student’s safety to local law enforcement. Specifically, the Wagoner County Sheriff’s department which employs only one deputy to protect and serve the 733 residents of Okay.

Okay school campuses have posted four brand-new signs which read, “Please be aware that certain staff members at Okay Public Schools can be legally armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.”

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Florida House Overwhelmingly Approves Campus Carry

The Florida House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a campus carry bill.

Guns would be allowed on college campuses under a bill passed by the Florida House.

The House voted 80-37 to pass the bill after an hour-and-a-half of contentious debate Wednesday. Republicans said the bill would keep campuses safer while Democrats argued just the opposite.

The vote shows a basic difference in the philosophical outlook of the two main political parties in the United States.

Republicans, as a general rule, think that citizens should have more liberty and that people can generally be trusted to act responsibly in their best interests and in the interests of society at large.

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