Sunday, November 24, 2013

DOJ internal memo confirms Obama plan for gun confiscation


An internal memo within the Department of Justice (DOJ) has surfaced which confirms that the Obama administration had plans for gun registration and confiscation in the aftermath of the Newtown school shooting.

According to Bob Owens, the NRA obtained the memo in February. But apparently there were questions as to the veracity of the information. Owens says that the existence of the memo, and its outline of a plan for gun registration and confiscation, can now be confirmed.

The document, which can be viewed here (, was not released to the public via the news media.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

From the article in US News:

Andrew Papachristos, an associate professor of sociology at Yale, analyzed police and gun homicide records from 2006 to 2011 for people living in a high-crime neighborhood in Chicago. He found that 41 percent of all gun homicides occurred within a network of less than 4 percent of the neighborhood’s population, and that the closer one is connected to a homicide victim, the greater that person’s chances were for becoming a victim. Each social tie removed from a homicide victim decreased a person’s odds of becoming a victim by 57 percent.

So, in other words, you can reduce your risk of being murdered by over 50% simply by avoiding the murdering crowd. Or I suppose you could move out of Chicago, which would help too.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NRA Birthday

Today, Sunday, November 17, 2013 marks the National Rifle Association's 142nd birthday.

What began as an effort to improve general marksmanship following the Civil War has now become the leading defender of the United States citizenry's right to keep and bear arms.

Friday, November 15, 2013

A good thing to know and understand!

Five Beans in the Wheel

from: Sheriff Jim Wilson

There is something important that folks need to know about traditional single-action revolvers (the exception being the newer guns with transfer-bar safeties, like the New Model Rugers). If you load all of the chambers in the cylinder and the gun is dropped on its hammer, said gun will more than likely go off. Of course, there is a safety notch on the hammer, but this is a thin piece of steel that will generally break when the gun is dropped. Wyatt Earp and Oliver Lee were just two of the Old West gunmen that learned this lesson the hard way.

FIVE BEANS IN THE WHEEL: load one, skip one, load four more, bring the hammer to full cock, and slowly lower it onto the empty chamber.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birth of the U.S. Marine Corps

Happy Birthday - 238

Nov 10, 1775:

During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress passes a resolution stating that "two Battalions of Marines be raised" for service as landing forces for the recently formed Continental Navy. The resolution, drafted by future U.S. president John Adams and adopted in Philadelphia, created the Continental Marines and is now observed as the birth date of the United States Marine Corps.

Serving on land and at sea, the original U.S. Marines distinguished themselves in a number of important operations during the Revolutionary War. The first Marine landing on a hostile shore occurred when a force of Marines under Captain Samuel Nicholas captured New Province Island in the Bahamas from the British in March 1776. Nicholas was the first commissioned officer in the Continental Marines and is celebrated as the first Marine commandant. After American independence was achieved in 1783, the Continental Navy was demobilized and its Marines disbanded.

In the next decade, however, increasing conflict at sea with Revolutionary France led the U.S. Congress to establish formally the U.S. Navy in May 1798. Two months later, on July 11, President John Adams signed the bill establishing the U.S. Marine Corps as a permanent military force under the jurisdiction of the Department of Navy.

Marines expeditionary units are self-sufficient, with their own tanks, artillery, and air forces. The motto of the service is Semper Fidelis, meaning "Always Faithful" in Latin.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Metcalf's Respons: What??!!

Metcalf's Respons: What??!!


Suggest that you read the following blogs:



Published, quite properly, by Jim Shepherd in THE SHOOTING WIRE - in my opionion not good at all for a seasoned writer!

Quote from Michael Bane: "This is not, as Bitter so lucidly notes, a "free speech" issue. Let me go a step farther than I noted in my earlier post, we have been having a "dialog" about the role of firearms in American society at least as long as I've been alive. IMHO, the "dialog" ended when the war began.

Let me say this again...we are at war with a segment of society whose sole goal is total civilian disarmament. We are not in a dialog. We are not in a debate. We are not in a healthy give-and-take in the Cornell University academic lounge. The primary weapon used by our blood enemies is the Big Lie."

Monday, November 4, 2013

News media need to get their facts straight before they report!

So here are the specs on the most popular, and controversial rifle in America:

— It fires a 5.56mm, or .223 caliber bullet. It's a small round that moves very quickly, increasing the weapon's maximum effective range. Despite its small size, the round is tremendously lethal.  - TRUTH: The 5.56×45mm cartridge with the standard 62 gr. steel core bullets will penetrate approximately 15 to 20 in (38 to 51 cm) into soft tissue in ideal circumstances.

— The round moves at a rate of nearly 3,200 feet per second.  TRUTH: 
Barrel length SS109/M855 V4 bullet velocity
210 mm (8.3 in) 723 m/s (2,372 ft/s)
240 mm (9.4 in) 764 m/s (2,507 ft/s)
270 mm (10.6 in) 796 m/s (2,612 ft/s)
300 mm (11.8 in) 825 m/s (2,707 ft/s)
330 mm (13.0 in) 843 m/s (2,766 ft/s)
360 mm (14.2 in) 866 m/s (2,841 ft/s)
390 mm (15.4 in) 878 m/s (2,881 ft/s)
420 mm (16.5 in) 892 m/s (2,927 ft/s)
450 mm (17.7 in) 906 m/s (2,972 ft/s)
480 mm (18.9 in) 915 m/s (3,002 ft/s)
508 mm (20.0 in) 922 m/s (3,025 ft/s)

— Magazines for the weapon (that are in circulation in the U.S.) range from 5 to 100 rounds. With proper training, a shooter can effectively and accurately empty a 30-round magazine in less than a minute, maybe faster.  TRUTH: Key words here are PROPER TRAINING.

— The maximum effective range is between 400 and 600 yards, depending on the barrel length, which varies depending on the model of the rifle. TRUTH: the maximum effective range is possible 550 yards (depending on the training of the shooter).

— Much of what makes the AR-15 so popular is its adaptability. Modern AR-15s feature a rail system that allows for custom sights, scopes, and accessories to be placed on the gun. TRUTH: that is correct, which makes it more suitable for hunting in different climates and weather conditions.

— AR-15s are readily available in most states. The price fluctuates with demand, and demand is often high, but it typically hovers right around $1,000.  TRUTH: average price is around $1,200.00

Very little separates a civilian AR-15 from the M-16s that are the standard-issue rifle for the American military. The military versions are semi-automatic, but also come with the ability to fire in a three-round burst; this feature is rarely used. TRUTH: Military issue fully automatic, with some available with the ability to fire in a three-round burst and some available with semi-automatic selection. The civilian AR-15 is ONLY semi-automatic. According to Michael Bane, "Well, who knew? I was handling a modern military M4A1 last Friday morning, and to my uneducated eyes it appeared to be full auto. In fact, I thought the 3-round burst went away when the M4 upgraded to the M4A1." Read more of what Michael had to say at:

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Jesse James Firearms Unlimited

From Michael Bane's Blog (

And while I'm thinking about it, I note that Jesse James, the motorcycle Jesse James, is launching his Jesse James Firearms Unlimited in Austin this month:
Following in the footsteps of his worldwide success with West Coast Choppers, Jesse James Firearms Unlimited brings his renowned level of craftsmanship and detail to a new industry and product. "It's taking the same theory behind my world-famous bikes and applying it to another passion of mine, which is guns," he explains.
 Jesse James Firearms Unlimited will debut with an initial offering of a 1911 pistol and an AR-15 rifle. The guns will be available for purchase as early as January 2014 online at Ultimately, the brand will offer a full span of guns that appeal to military and law enforcement as well as to the individual gun enthusiast.