Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Between The Berms: Armadillos On The Rise


some new woman-owned firearms-related business popping up.

No kidding.

First it was Julianna Crowder's A Girl & A Gun which started in Austin. Then there was Tracy Hughes' Brilliant Backstraps from the south side of Houston. And then there is Becky Sells from the north side of Houston and her Armadillo Concealment?

Becky Sells is just as comfortable behind a pistol as she is behind her sewing machine. Photo by P. Erhardt

What's Armadillo Concealment you ask? Don't worry, I asked the same question a couple months back and the answer, as you will find, is yet another one of those great small business stories.

Becky makes custom-fitted shooting vests for IDPA competitors. Like all good business stories hers started out as a hobby of sorts to supply her family with better fitting vests. And of course once other shooters saw her creations Becky started getting requests, and that's when her hobby turned into a rapidly growing business.

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