Friday, November 30, 2012

LaserLyte® Introduces the VENOM Laser for the North American ArmsBlack Widow and Mini Master Pistols


 LaserLyte®, known for the smallest pistol lasers on the market today, introduce the VENOM laser for the Black Widow Pistol and the Mini Master by North American Arms. The ultra-concealable .22 Mag NAA pistols are now even more formidable with the addition of the just-over-half-an-ounce programmable laser.

The VENOM quickly and easily mounts by simply twisting out the existing cylinder pin and twist in the new LaserLyte integrated laser and cylinder pin configuration. The VENOM integrated laser holds the tiny 4x377 batteries, the switch and laser all in one compact package (less than two inches). The VENOM adds very little bulk to the gun, yet provides the user with the gained confidence of aiming accuracy. No sighting in is required with the VENOM due to the fixed-point-of-aim provided at the LaserLyte factory.

DEA Alert - Extortion Scam


The Drug Enforcement Administration continues to warn the public about criminals posing as DEA special agents or other law enforcement personnel. This criminal activity continues to occur, despite significant public attention to the illicit scheme. DEA offices nationwide regularly receive telephone calls from concerned citizens who are the victims of this extortion effort.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Varmint X™ Factor: New Ammunition from Winchester


Coyote and varmint hunters all over North America are howling in approval of Varmint X™, the new line of predator and varmint ammunition from Winchester®.

The super accurate Varmint X lineup will initially feature offerings in four of the most popular centerfire rifle calibers for predator hunting: .204 Ruger, .223 Rem, .22-250 Rem and .243 Win. The charcoal-colored, polymer-tipped bullets in each caliber are optimized for long-distance accuracy and explosive impact on coyotes, prairie dogs and other varmints.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Coonan Introduces the Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit


Just in time for the Holiday Season, the Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit will make the perfect unique gift for the gun lover or collector. Packaged in a uniquely designed vampire stake, the kit comes with eight .357 Mag rounds jacketed in 99% PURE SILVER. The Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit is available in limited quantity at a retail price of just $39.95 and can be purchased online at

3GN Launches Digital Mag


The National 3-Gun Association, which owns and operates the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Tour and "3-Gun Nation Television," announces the debut of 3-Gun Nation Magazine-a digital e-zine dedicated to the sport of 3-gun.

3GN Magazine covers the sport from top to bottom, from local club matches, to regional tournaments, to national Outlaw matches, as well as the 3GN Pro Series Tour.

Written for shooters, by shooters, 3GN Magazine features product and gear reviews, tips and techniques, game reviews, music and much more-anything and everything related to the shooting culture will be found in 3GN Magazine.

MGM Targets to Be Available at Cabela's


At the start of the New Year MGM Targets will be available through the World's Foremost Outfitter, Cabela's. Jim Potter, National Sales Manager for MGM Targets, announced from the company's headquarters in Caldwell, ID, "We are very pleased to announce that as of the first of the year MGM Targets will be available through one of the finest Sports Outfitters in the nation, Cabela's."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pocket Pistols and Derringers in the Old West


Today, the best selling handguns in the US are pocket pistols, carried in the pocket for self defense. Things haven’t changed – in the wildest days of the American West, the most popular handgun was also the pocket pistol.

Watch the videos at:

Outdoor Channel to merge with InterMedia Outdoors

from:  or

Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. (OUTD) today announced that its board of directors unanimously approved a definitive merger agreement with InterMedia Outdoors Holdings, LLC (“IMOH LLC”) which in turn controls The Sportsman Channel, a national cable television network for outdoor enthusiasts, and InterMedia Outdoors, Inc., a multi-media company that publishes 15 market leading outdoor magazines, 20 leading websites and is a leading television producer in the category.

IMOH LLC is controlled by InterMedia Partners VII, L.P., a private equity investment fund.

After the expected closing occurs in the first quarter, Outdoor Channel President and Chief Executive Tom Hornish will be CEO of the new company and Tom Allen will continue as chief financial officer and chief operating officer.

Sportsman Channel CEO Gavin Harvey will become president of television networks and InterMedia Outdoors CEO Jeff Paro will be president of publishing, integrated media and branded content.


Revolver Tips and Tricks


These days’ revolver sales are booming!

Get the Best about Shooting Sports/Personal Defense

DownRange.TV with Michael Bane at:

Have A Safe and Great Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lew Horton Distributing Announces New SW1911 Pro Series Sub Compact .45


Lew Horton Distributing's new Smith & Wesson Pro Series is now in stock and ready for delivery. It's a GREAT looking .45, featuring a light weight scandium frame. The stainless steel slide is finished in black Melonite®. The flats on the slide are polished, producing a striking contrast. It is fitted with an oversized external extractor, a three holed curved trigger with over travel stop, and a full length guide rod. Special S&W grip panels and a special serial number run round out the package.

SureFire Offers Deep Discounts During First-Ever Cyber Monday Sale


SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has announced that, on November 26, 2012, the Monday after Thanksgiving known as "Cyber Monday," it will offer online customers 25% off the MSRP of select products purchased at This one-day SureFire Cyber Monday Sales Event will feature a never-before-offered product mix that includes both best-sellers, such as the G2® Nitrolon® flashlight, and high-end military and law enforcement products like the M900V Vertical Foregrip white-light/infrared LED WeaponLight. Even SureFire-brand battery 12-packs, which have never before gone on sale, will be marked down by 25%. Customers will also receive free UPS ground shipping on all sale items-no minimum purchase required.

Kel-Tec Introduces New Flashlight


Kel-Tec CNC, Inc., known for bringing innovative and unique firearms to the market, is pleased to introduce their latest product, the Kel-Tec CL-43 flashlight.

The Kel-Tec CL-43 is an extremely bright flashlight designed to be used in conjunction with a firearm. The CL-43 is CNC machined from extruded 6061 aluminum. The light operates via a rearward-click button located midpoint of the flashlight with both constant and momentary-on capabilities.

WWP bias against firearms, knives and the firearm industry!

Does the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) have a bias against guns and gun makers? Two weeks ago that would have sounded crazy, but this week many shooters are convinced that it's true. Hundreds of hunts and shoots are held as fundraisers for the WWP, and gun companies donate to WWP for its projects. How could it be that this $185 million (2013 projected revenue) outfit could be anti-gun?

It started with a simple invitation -- I wanted someone from the Wounded Warrior Project to join me for the Veteran's Day episode of my national radio show, Tom Gresham's Gun Talk. I had no idea it would turn into a national dustup which now has the gun rights community in a turmoil -- so much so that people are burning their Wounded Warrior Project shirts.

"While we appreciate the interest in having a WWP representative on your show on Veterans Day we are not able to participate in interviews or activities with media/organizations that are related to firearms," said Ms. Coleman (Leslie Coleman, PR director for WWP) in her email.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Introducing: The Gerber Go Bag


Gerber, a leading direct supplier of tactical knives and multitools to the US military, today announced the release of a special edition product, the GO Bag. A clever combination of a Maxpedition® satchel bag with MOLLE mounted, battle-proven Gerber gear and other task essential gear, the Gerber GO Bag is rooted in the necessities for a day on the range and is an ideal starter kit for anyone looking to prepare.

Gerber embroidered Maxpedition Mongo Versipack (Black)
MP600-ST (Sight Tool), MOLLE mounted
EZ-Out DPSF - Black
Recon Task light
Frog Lube CLP - 4oz liquid bottle
Metal Water Bottle
Rite-in-the-rain note pad
Pocket Reference Guide

A special Black Friday promotion, the Gerber GO Bag is available exclusively through the Gerber website beginning on November 23rd. MSRP: $274.

SOTG Announces Christmas Gun Giveaway


Paul Markel, host and producer of Student of the Gun TV. "We are excited to announce that we are partnering with our sponsor Kel-Tec Firearms to give away an early Christmas present to one of our lucky viewers."

Student of the Gun and Kel-Tec are pleased to announce their Christmas Gun Giveaway. To be entered please go to and sign up for the SOTG Newsletter on the home page. On December 21, 2012 a lucky winner will be chosen for our list of active subscribers. Two others will be chosen to receive exclusive SOTG gifts.

Pendleton Safes Caters To The Hand Gun Enthusiast


Pendleton Safes is pleased to announce the solution for your handgun storage woes. A Pendleton can be equipped to comfortably manage over 200 handguns. Thanks to Pendleton's Revolution TechnologyTM, gone are the days of digging to the back of your safe - with a Pendleton Safe your valuables are always in the front at the touch of a button. Mention this article and receive free shipping on orders placed before December 31st.

For complete details, visit our website at, email, or call 770-466-6181 for more information.

Monday, November 19, 2012

OCATS (Optical Computer-Aided Training System) from Out West Systems of Colorado Springs, Colorado.


A computer-based system designed to record and analyze shooting results for everything from range sessions with long-range rifles to dryfire in the home or office.

Since getting a test unit from Out West Operations Manager Jim Cline, OCAT offerings have been announced in configurations that offer options that are affordable for almost any shooter's budget. The add-on design of the system allows you to start small and expand the system.

Friday, November 16, 2012

OCAT Introduces Advanced Laser Training System


OutWest Systems, Shooters can now get superior feedback about each fired shot and gain valuable insights to improving their marksmanship never before available.

Using the firing pin activated LASER with the OCAT System allows shooters to show and track hits on a computer view of the target just as if you fired live ammunition. The kit comes with a camera which sends the images to the computer screen that is located back with the shooter. It is easy to use too; simply attach the camera to your laptop start the program and begin shooting.

Basic Kit:
OCAT Software package (can be converted to live fire)
Camera mount
Target package
MSRP $495.00

OutWest Systems, Inc.
5037 List Drive
Colorado Springs
CO 80919-3321 

FYI: *OCAT System stands for Optical Computer-Aided Training System.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

.40 caliber: Like or Dislike?


Do you agree or disagree with Tiger McKee?

That is the question.

Please read his article at:

Skill Set: Why I Don't Like the Forty
by Tiger McKee

This pair of Glocks are 9mm and the .40 caliber versions are the same size. The more abrupt cartridge, the .40 Auto, is harder on the machinery and the shooter. Is it enough more effective than the 9x19mm to justify going to the .40? Rich Grassi Photo
I do not like the .40 caliber. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who disagree with me on this, but since it's my column I get to state my opinion. This opinion is based on two issues with .40 caliber pistols. Keep in mind that an issue is something that is common, you see it a lot, as opposed to a problem, which is normally limited to an individual or particular weapon.

The .40 was developed specifically as a law enforcement caliber by Smith & Wesson and Winchester and as a direct result of the 1986 F.B.I. Miami shootout between agents and two hard criminals, Platt and Matix. Both bad guys were killed, but two agents were killed with five others injured. Basically the F.B.I. was looking for a cartridge that had the performance of the .38 Special +P load that would work with a semi-auto pistol. The .40 is supposedly the ideal blend of bullet size and velocity.

This pair of Glocks are 9mm and the .40 caliber versions are the same size. The more abrupt cartridge, the .40 Auto, is harder on the machinery and the shooter. Is it enough more effective than the 9x19mm to justify going to the .40? Rich Grassi Photo

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Student of the Gun; A Beginner Once, A Student for Life Now in Paperback


Paul Markel has partnered with Responder Media to offer his book, Student of the Gun in a traditional paperback. The text is now available in both digital and paper formats.

A Student of the Gun is not necessarily a beginner or a novice. Being a Student of the Gun represents a life's journey toward education, experience, and enjoyment of the use of firearms. You are a beginner once. You should continue to be a student for life. This book has something to offer both the new and experienced shooter.

"Student of the Gun: A beginner once, a student for life." is available in paperback for immediate purchase from all major online booksellers to include and Barnes and Noble at

Sightmark Introduces Mini Shot Pistol Mounts


The Sightmark Mini Shot Pistol Mounts offer the shooter the ability to mount the Mini Shot Reflex Sight to six different styles of pistols, replacing the stock rear sight. This offers the shooter the ability to acquire a target and fire with both eyes open and gives the shooter the tactical advantage of being able to identify additional targets simultaneously.

The Sightmark pistol mount family features mounts for six different popular pistol types including, the 1911 Standard, Springfield XD, Smith & Wesson M&P, Sig Sauer P226, Beretta 92/ 96/ 90-TWO, Glocks with 1.18" slide width and the H&K USP.

New 2013 Barnes TAC-XPD™ Defense Ammunition


 Barnes introduces the TAC-XPD line of Defense Ammunition: an "Optimized for Carry or Home Defense" solution. Loaded with the venerable Barnes TAC-XP bullets, TAC-XPD ammunition is engineered and designed to deliver top performance when it is most critical: in life-threatening situations. The TAC-XP's all-copper construction and very large, deep hollow-point cavity expand, penetrate and perform more consistently than any personal defense product on the market.

Designed for law enforcement and personal defense, TAC-XP pistol bullets retain nearly 100% of their original weight and track straight. Performance through bare gel, light and heavy clothing, car doors, plywood and automotive windshield glass is unmatched by the competition.

TAC-XPD Ammunition is sold in a 20 round package.

Barnes TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition will be available early 2013:

• 380 Auto 80 grain TAC-XP
• 40 S&W 140 grain TAC-XP
• 9mm Luger 115 grain TAC-XP +P
• 45 Auto 185 grain TAC-XP +P

Monday, November 12, 2012

Savage Model 42 Combination Gun .22LR/.22WMR & .410 Shotgun – Review


The idea of a rifle/shotgun combination was always a great idea. The new Savage is called the Model 42 and for now it comes in either .22LR or.22WMR over .410 shotgun.

The American public bought over a million Model 24s between its introduction in ’39 and sunset in the 1980s, and over the last several years the Model 24 has become extremely collectible. Everyone seems to want one, hence, the birth of the Model 42, which has an MSRP of $480, and street price substantially less. The original Model 24 was what many considered the ultimate “utility gun” back in the day. This Model 42 is still kind of the same gun, retaining the utility value, while taking advantage of modern materials and firearm design. We found the gun to be accurate, versatile, and downright attractive for a low priced utility gun.

The idea of a combination gun isn’t a new idea. Savage was the first, however, to make them available on a large scale to the American consumer market. It was called the Model 24, and it came in several different combinations, from .22LR/.410 to .308/12 gauge. This is the new Model 42, released this year in .22LR and .22WMR over .410.

The manual plastic extractor isn’t really needed for anything but hight brass 3″ .410 shotshells. Everything else you can flick out with your fingernail.

Weapon Mounted Cameras – The Contour ROAM


If you have ever tried to film your hunts, it can really give you fits. The cameras never behave, and you can’t ever get the right angle. You can of course try to take along another person, but they generally want to get paid. And even if you have an extra pair of hands, there is no guarantee that the camera guy is going to be at the right angle when the game shows up. The answer is a weapon mounted camera, and our friends at Daniel Defense sent us a new camera called a Contour that is meant to be just that. We have tried Flip cams, hand cams, and even full sized HD tape cams, to the tune of over ten thousand bucks, but nothing has worked as well as these little cameras from Contour.

The lack of support for an external microphone is probably the biggest weakness, but the cameras are after all WATERPROOF, so you can’t really have that both ways. Sound behind the camera is muffled, but usable. You could carry a separate digital audio recorder and cut them together later if you wanted. The other issue is that you have to be close if you want something Youtube’able. Far shots will carry memories, and the colors and clarity is amazing. But if you want striking, get right on stuff. There is no viewfinder on the Contour, but it has a laser to show you the shooting edges, as explained below.

Overall the Contour ROAM, which is actually the baseline model, is a fantastic camera that hasn’t let us down yet. We keep an elastic around the switch when not in use because it is easy to turn it on by mistake. When that little circle lights up, you are recording, and the quality is outstanding.

There is no screen on the Contour cameras, but they do have this laser that shows you the boundaries of the camera lense to set up your shot.

the rear controls are rudimentary. There is a USB charge slot (for internal lithium rechargeables), a slot for the card, which is a Micro SD, and a couple reset buttons.

Contour Cameras from Daniel Defense
Contour ROAM Sale $139 with Picatinny Mount

Sunday, November 11, 2012

National Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an official United States holiday honoring armed service veterans. It is a federal holiday that is observed on November 11th.

Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans!

The Veterans Day National Ceremony is held each year on November 11th at Arlington National Cemetery. The ceremony commences precisely at 11:00 a.m. with a wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknowns and continues inside the Memorial Amphitheater with a parade of colors by veterans' organizations and remarks from dignitaries. The ceremony is intended to honor and thank all who served in the United States Armed Forces.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Public Shooting Range Opens in Hartland, VT


A new fully-accessible public shooting range is now open, according to an announcement from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

The Hammond Cove Shooting Range in Hartland is a true milestone for the state's hunters and shooters. Originally purchased in the late 1960's, the site had long been popular with shooters from both sides of the Connecticut River, and it now boasts a state-owned shooting range designed solely for public shooting.

"It's hard to overstate the importance of this facility to Vermont's hunters and shooters, and to the future of our hunting heritage," said Vermont Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry. "It's also hard to overstate the importance of the National Rifle Association and the Hartland Fish and Game Club in helping to make this range a reality."

The upgrades include a covered, six-port 100-yard rifle range with 20-foot side berms and a 60-foot plus high backstop. Public range use is free. Range rules are posted at the site.

Wilson Combat Introduces "Eagle" Framelock Titanium Flipper


Only from Wilson Combat in collaboration with acclaimed Custom Knifemaker Les George. A Wilson Combat exclusive, the EAGLE is a rugged, framelock flipper design with the Wilson Combat signature Starburst Titanium handle pattern and Carpenter XHP "Super Steel" stainless tool steel recurve blade for the ultimate in edge holding and corrosion resistance. The EAGLE is one of the fastest opening manual tactical folders on the market. The trigger finger flipper is lightning fast into action and easy to operate with or without gloves. The lightweight and slim profile will ensure the EAGLE will spend a lot of time riding shotgun in your pocket every day. The handle of the EAGLE is precision machined and smooth tumble blasted lightweight Titanium with a robust integral framelock, chamfered lanyard hole and Titanium deep-pocket clip that can be positioned for blade tip up or down opening. The rugged open-frame construction makes it easy to clean trapped dirt and lint. Unlike many other tactical folders that are blocky and overweight, the EAGLE has been designed to be slim and easy to carry without sacrificing any strength or performance.

LUCID refines the HD7 Red Dot Sight in a new Generation III unit


Is proud to announce the NEW LUCID, GEN III, HD7 Red Dot Sight to be available December 2012. Through the past few years the HD7 Red Dot Sight in GEN II has been tested, reviewed and proven by Law enforcement and Military personnel as well as recreational and competative shooters alike. The HD7 has proven to be high quality with features and benefits that far surpass the expectations of the product price point.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Smith & Wesson To Sponsor 2013 A Girl & A Gun National Conference


  Julianna Crowder, president of A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League, announced that legendary American firearms maker Smith & Wesson has signed on to be the presenting sponsor of the organization's first annual national conference taking place in March of 2013.

A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League is a ladies-only organization established by women shooters for women shooters for the pistol, rifle and shotgun sports. Founded in February of 2011 in Austin, Texas, A Girl & A Gun today has more than 750 members and 20 clubs in seven states, making it the fastest growing women's shooting organization.

The 2013 A Girl & A Gun National Conference, Presented by Smith & Wesson, will take place March 22-24 at T.I.G.E.R. Valley, the premiere training facility in Central Texas located in Waco. Bringing together some of the top women in the shooting industry, the conference offers participants training sessions, live-fire instruction and presentations on topics relevant to women participating in the shooting sports today.

Registration for the conference is now open but space is limited. A Girl & A Gun members can register online, as well as find addition information regarding conference schedules and lodging.

For more information on the 2013 A Girl & A Gun National Conference, Presented by Smith & Wesson, or to find a club near you, visit You can also join the conversation online on Facebook or by following @AGAGClub on Twitter.

Performance Center® by Smith & Wesson® Unveils New Optics Ready M41 Pistol


 Smith & Wesson Corp. has announced that after 50 years of production, the legendary Performance Center has introduced its own rendition of the popular Model 41 target pistol. With multiple competitive records to its credit, the Model 41 remains one of the most classic .22 LR pistols ever produced. Now, the coveted handgun is available in an optics ready platform available only from Smith & Wesson.

Delivering pinpoint accuracy and unmatched reliability, the Performance Center Model 41 is ready to take on any course of fire right out of the box. The full-size pistol, chambered in .22 LR, features a carbon steel frame and slide along with a 5.5-inch barrel. Measuring 10.5 inches in overall length, the semi-automatic pistol has an unloaded weight of 41 ounces. Across the top of the slide, the Performance Center pistol has been fitted with an integral picatinny-style equipment rail for easy installation of optics. Other standard features include an external thumb safety on the left side of the frame, custom wood target grips and a blue finish.

Performance Center® by Smith & Wesson® Introduces Two New SW1911 Pistol Models


Smith & Wesson Corp. has announced that two new models have been added to the Performance Center's line of high performance 1911 pistols. Machined to exacting tolerances and custom built by highly skilled craftsmen, the new Performance Center SW1911 models provide feature specific options for both competition and personal defense needs.

At the foundation of each pistol is a package of custom features and the high standards held by the Performance Center for quality and innovation. Available in a traditional stainless steel model with a 5-inch barrel or in Smith & Wesson's patented scandium alloy frame with a 4.25-inch barrel, the new models combine custom handwork with the venerable 1911 platform. Reliable, accurate, and expertly engineered, the Performance Center Custom SW1911 and Performance Center Round Butt SW1911 continue the Company's longstanding line of precision built firearms.

Smith & Wesson® Introduces New M&P® Pro Series C.O.R.E. Pistols


Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that four new models have been added to the Company's premier line of M&P® polymer pistols. Based on the popular Pro Series line of competition ready firearms, the new M&P C.O.R.E (Competition Optics Ready Equipment) models offer consumers a specialized platform for adding accessory optics to their personal handguns. Engineered to accept six popular styles of competition based optics, the M&P C.O.R.E models are easily adapted to meet any demand.

The new M&P C.O.R.E. models will be available in both 9mm and .40 S&W with either a 4.25 or 5-inch barrel configuration. For improved accuracy and precise shot placement during competition, the M&P C.O.R.E. pistols are standard with a Performance Center sear. The specialized sear allows for a crisp 4.5 pound trigger pull along with a faster, defined reset in between shots. On top of the slide, Smith & Wesson has added higher sights that can be used in concordance with the mounted optic. Other standard features of the new pistols include a crowned muzzle for improved accuracy, picatinny-style equipment rail and reversible magazine release.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SHOOTing Tip – Struggle with Keeping Both Eyes Open? This Tip is for You!


How to Train to Keep Both Eyes Open

The first step is to determine if you can see the sights with both eyes. If you can’t get a clear sight picture on target with both eyes open, or if you see two front sights or some other strange configuration that is nearly impossible to decipher, then shooting with both eyes open may not work for you. It’s not the end of the world. It’s more important that you are able to acquire a proper sight picture and hit your target.

Goex® Sets a New Standard of Precision with Match Grade Black Powder


Goex® Powder Inc., for over 200 years the manufacturer of the only American made authentic black powder, sets a new standard of precision with the introduction of Olde Eynsford.

"Olde Eynsford is ideal for cartridge and round ball competitors who demand precise shot placement at long distances" said Tim Vaitekunas, Chief Operating Officer of GOEX Powder, Inc. "We believe this is the finest powder we've ever made in consistency and increased velocity."