Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Colt Introduces .380 Mustang® Pocketlite Pistol

Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC, celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, is proud to introduce a new and improved version of the classic Colt Mustang. The new Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite is small, lightweight and boasts enhanced durability, reliability and accuracy, making it an ideal handgun for personal protection.

The precise machining process, use of high quality materials and improvements in design make Colt's new .380 Mustang Pocketlite one of the most consistent and reliable firearms on the market. The aluminum alloy receiver, stainless steel slide and barrel are CNC machined from solid bar stock for precise tolerances. "Machining solid stock is certainly a more involved manufacturing process," said Joyce Rubino, Vice President of Marketing, Colt's Manufacturing Company, "But it is that process, combined with our engineering specifications, expertise and demand for perfection that allows Colt to deliver one of the highest quality products available to today's marketplace."

With a loaded magazine, this handgun weighs less than one pound. It measures 5.5 inches long and has a 2.75-inch barrel. The minimal weight and length of the gun, combined with the short single action trigger, grip design, frame design and firing pin safety block, make this firearm ideal for personal protection.

The magazine holds six rounds. Improvements in powder and bullet design have increased the velocity and terminal performance of .380 caliber ammunition, adding to the viability of the Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite for personal defense.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sheriff Chuck Wright: Ladies get a Conceal Permit!

Sheriff Chuck Wright held a press conference shortly before noon Monday October 31, 2011. In his press conference he stated the following in regards to a vicious attack of a lady in his community. 

"This lady's life which threatened so many times. During this act. You know it's it's almost too bad there's somebody with a concealed weapons permit -- walk by and hear the crowd. That would fix it. That would affixed this."

He also stated: "Ladies walking groups, get concealed weapons permit. I want you to get a concealed weapons permit. Don't go for the mace, get the concealed weapons permit. Now, you may need to use your gun to defend your life. I don't want this to happen but I'm telling you. I'm tired of looking -- victims and say we're sorry we've done the best we can get them in jail. So I am a big proponent you know for my asked me what my opinion gun control is gun control to me. Is when you get your barrel back on the target quick. That's gun control."

S&W Issues Recall Notice

S&W Issues Recall Notice
PRODUCT: Thompson Center Venture Rifle. 

DESCRIPTION OF THE HAZARD: During an internal technical review, Smith & Wesson determined that some of the sears used on Venture rifles produced from August 1, 2011 to October 28, 2011, may not have been manufactured to specification. Because the sear is an important part of the firing mechanism, we are asking that all of the rifles produced during this time period be returned to Smith & Wesson so that the firearm can be inspected by our technicians to ensure that the rifle operates in a safe and appropriate manner. 

DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT INVOLVED: This recall applies only to Venture rifles manufactured from August 1, 2011 to October 28, 2011. To determine if your rifle is affected, please reference the serial number list located at or by calling Smith & Wesson directly at 1-800-713-0356. If your serial number does not fall within the list of affected serial numbers, your rifle is not part of this recall. 

REMEDY/ACTION TO BE TAKEN: STOP USING YOUR RIFLE. Any unintended discharge of a firearm has the potential to cause injury, and we ask that you stop using your rifle until we have an opportunity to inspect the sear to make certain that there is no condition which will allow the rifle to fire without the trigger being pulled. To facilitate the inspection and repair, if necessary, of your rifle sear, please contact Smith & Wesson's customer service department to receive instructions and a prepaid return label for the return of your rifle to Smith & Wesson. When you return your rifle to Smith & Wesson, be sure to attach the completed information card received from Smith & Wesson, so that your sear can be inspected and repaired, and returned to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

VERIFICATION OF CORRECTIVE ACTION: When your rifle sear is returned, you should note a punch dot on the trigger assembly. This punch dot is confirmation that your sear has been inspected and the hazard has not been found or has been corrected. 

CONSUMER CONTACT: Please contact Smith & Wesson directly at 1-800-713-0356, or at to arrange for the inspection and repair, if necessary, of your rifle.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Caught on video: Anti-gun Columbus Mayor Coleman comes unhinged

by Chad D. Baus - Buckeye Firearms Association
Defending Your Firearm Rights

As many of our readers are aware, Columbus Mayor Michael has consistently worked against the Second Amendment and the Constitution during his long term as mayor. The Ohio chairman of the anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), Coleman and his city council enacted an unenforceable assault weapons ban in 2005, which caused the NRA to pull plans to hold their annual meetings in the city in 2007, which would likely have poured upwards of $25 million dollars into the Ohio economy. Coleman also drove the Ohio Gun Collectors Association out of town with unreasonable demands he put upon the association and its vendors.

Now, on the eve of his latest re-election bid, Coleman has been caught on tape exhibiting exactly how fanatical he is in opposition to the Second Amendment.

In the video, taken by BFA-endorsed Columbus city council candidate Mark Noble and posted on YouTube, Coleman claims "gangsters" are going to gun shows to buy guns without a background check. But according to the most recent federal study, a Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report on "Firearms Use by Offenders," only 0.7% of U.S. "crime guns" came from gun shows, with repeat offenders even less likely than first-timers to buy guns from any retail source.

The truth is, Coleman is using the issue to distract from the fact that his administration has failed in its obligation to detect and prosecute illegal gun purchases and thefts.

In the video, Coleman also rants about the recent passage of Ohio's restaurant carry legislation, shouting "somebody help me!"

This isn't the first time Coleman has suggested allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns would cause problems. On April 8, 2004, Coleman staged a press conference next to a jungle gym, lamenting the fact that the city was unable to protect children by posting signs banning concealed handgun license-holders. Coleman called Ohio's concealed carry law "a travesty for our city and for our state."

His opinion clearly hasn't changed since then. In the video, he talks about his position on gun control.

"I'm passionate about this," he said. "Too many guns. Too available," Coleman shouted.

After claiming he's not against the Second Amendment, he continued, "But you don't need an Uzi to shoot deer on Broad and High. You use a Uzi to shoot people!

"Now, having said that, we also need a, a, uh, automatic, uh, anti-automatic, uh, Uzi-type...what's it called now?" (audience member responds off camera) "...Assault weapon, assault weapon. Used to have that. But what's happenin' is, what police are pickin' up now are guns that people use in Afghanistan."

Coleman then pointed at Noble's camera and said, "I know you're takin' that for somebody. You gonna prob'ly use it for the NRA. That's ok."

Buckeye Firearms Association

Defending Your Firearm Rights

Chairman Of The Boards: By Mike Janich

Installing Improvised Window Shutters 

Anyone who has ever lived in a hurricane-prone area is familiar with the process of boarding up your windows to protect against the effects of nature’s fury. More importantly, anyone with firsthand experience of this process knows the absolute worst time to start thinking about it is when everyone else is doing the same, and plywood is suddenly worth its weight in gold.

Like all things related to disaster preparedness, the sooner you start to address the process of boarding up your home, the better prepared you’re going to be. In this case, however, the advantages of early action are pretty compelling.

Security Shutters
If you don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, shutters may still be a viable and desirable addition to your home security. During normal circumstances, the standard level of physical security of your home should be adequate to prevent intrusion. However, if a disaster or emergency situation arises, normal may cease to exist and you may choose to harden your home to eliminate possible avenues of forcible entry. For example, if you have a typical, well-prepared home, your doors are all high quality and properly reinforced. Your ground-level windows are also secured by means of an appropriate alarm system that detects glass breakage or open windows. If a window is breached, the alarm gives you the time to react and get to safety and summons the cavalry.
In a disaster scenario, the cavalry won’t be coming, so you’ll need to fend for yourself. And the better prepared your resources are within your home, the more attractive they may become to scavengers, looters, and other miscreants outside your home.

Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late

 Tornados, wildfires, chemical spills, floods, blizzards, hurricanes, ice storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, civil unrest, flu pandemic; the list goes on. Any given year, Americans can expect to face any of those disasters. And they do. In fact, 2011 has been one of the worst tornado seasons in awhile, and that was just in April. The tornados in Alabama have proven that. Flooding hit the upper Midwest, like it does every year. The earthquake in Japan pushed a tsunami into our west coast causing destruction and death. Every night, dozens of families are driven out of their homes by a fire. Disaster isn’t always widespread; it can be individual.

So what can you do to better prepare yourself and your family to survive a disaster, big or small? Hopefully, this article will help you in that process, enabling you to prioritize your needs, establishing a plan and gather supplies and skills. So, where to start? How much do you need? First, you need to identify the most likely disasters you’re likely to encounter in your area. Based on those events, could you stay in your house, or would you have to evacuate? How many people (and pets) are in your house? From there, you can start your planning. There are also steps and precautions you can take that are useful no matter what the disaster is, from a hurricane to a house fire. Regardless of the nature of the disaster, there are certain supplies and pieces of equipment that are useful to have on hand.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Smith & Wesson Introduces the M&P15 300 Whisper

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that the Company has added a new extension to its Military & Police (M&P) Rifle Series with the introduction of the M&P15 chambered in .300 Whisper. As the first production rifle in the AR platform to be chambered in .300 Whisper (also chambers .300 AAC Blackout), the new rifle offers sub-sonic and supersonic capabilities while delivering consistent performance and accuracy.

Manufactured on the M&P15 platform, the semi-automatic rifle features a 16" barrel constructed from 4140 chrome-moly steel. Both the forged 7075 aluminum upper and lower receivers have been coated with a Realtree® APG finish for optimal concealment during hunting applications. To aide in precise shot placement, the gas-operated rifle benefits from a 1 in 7.5" twist, 5R rifling and a crisp single-stage trigger. Other standard features include a 10-round magazine, integral one-piece trigger guard, dust cover, forward assist and a six-position, collapsible CAR stock.