Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anti-Gun Legislation Continues to Move

Anti-Gun Legislation Continues to Move
Anti-gun rights legislation continues to move through both state and national legislatures. In Washington, the Senate Judiciary Committee has passed a pair of bills on to the full Senate. Despite efforts to reach some sort of agreement, Sen. Charles Schumer's "Fix Gun Checks Act" has been passed out of committee by a straight 10-8 party line vote despite objections that the bill had "numerous examples of flaws.....that same Judiciary Committee is expected to consider California Senator Dianne Feinstein's "Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 (S.150) tomorrow (Thursday). There are several amendments expected, but committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) says he plans to conclude work on the bill this week. Feinstein's S 150 would ban all modern sporting rifles with a detachable magazine and any of these features: pistol grip, forward grip, folding, telescoping or detachable stock, or threaded barrel. It would also ban magazines of more than 10 round capacities. There's no sunset provision on this bill, so the bans would, essentially, be permanent. Once again, that bill is expected to be passed out of committee on a straight party vote....Colorado legislators don't seem to be budging on their intent to pass a ban on magazines holding more than 15 rounds- despite the fact magazine manufacturer Magpul and its key suppliers have said they'll leave the state should that legislation pass. The magazine bill was one of five passed out of the Colorado Senate on Monday, but it's headed back to the Colorado house for another vote because of changes made in the senate....and it's too-early yet to say if the record turnout of gun owners and industry leaders in the Connecticut state capitol on Monday will sway the legislators from passing some-or all- of eleven proposed gun control bills. Hearings resume tomorrow (March 14) before the General Assembly's Public Safety and Security Committee. Senate Bill 1076, banning modern sporting rifles and mandating gun registration are on that agenda.


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