Thursday, October 19, 2017

California Does Not Honor the USA Constitution - - - AGAIN!

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Saturday that guarantees that teachers cannot shoot back if they come under attack at school.

The bill, AB 424, was introduced by Assemblyman Kevin McCarty’s (D-Sacramento).

McCarty introduced his bill after five California school districts chose to allow teachers and/or staff with concealed carry permits to be armed on campus to defend themselves and their students. The five districts were Kern High School District, Kingsburg Joint Union High School District, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Anderson Union High School District, and Palo Cedro’s North Cow Creek School District.

Breitbart News reported that McCarty justified his push to disarm teachers by saying, “A safe learning environment is essential for our children to be successful in the classroom. That’s not possible if a school district allows armed civilians to roam California school campuses.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Firearm Policy Coalition (FPC) opposed the bill and the idea of rendering teachers defenseless. The FPC said: “The constitutional right to bear arms is based on the fundamental human right to self-defense. AB 424 undermines these very important principles based on little more than a whim.”

Brown also signed legislation expanding the list of persons banned from gun ownership in California. Newly prohibited persons include those found guilty of misdemeanor hate crimes. That bill is aimed at people “using force or the threat of force to interfere with another person’s free exercise of any constitutional right because of the other person’s race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.”

California has universal background checks, gun registration, and firearms confiscation laws. The confiscation laws include a prohibited purchasers list, which Democrats have been steadily expanding as opportunities present themselves.

Monday, September 11, 2017

9/11 Beacon


"America" is not an image it is a concept…strengthened by our pulling together as a team. If you want to kill us, leave us alone because we will do it by ourselves. If you want to make us stronger, attack and we unite. This is the ultimate failure of terrorism against The United States and the ultimate price we pay to be free…The very moment the first plane was hijacked, democracy won."

From the Archives: Survivor Recalls His Viral 9/11 Email His words helped people understand. By Fritzie Andrade and Sara Frazier

Sunday, September 3, 2017

ONLY IN "Wisconsin"

Protesters in Milwaukee want repeal of the Second Amendment. They are not talking half measures. They want to repeal the existing Constitutional right.


Texas “Illegal Knives” Repeal Enactment

Texas HB 1935, that was passed overwhelmingly by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, takes effect today, September 1 2017.

The new law eliminates from Texas statute the prohibition against carrying “illegal knives,” including daggers, dirks, stilettos, poniards, swords, spears and most notably, Bowie knives. This allows them to be carried throughout the state with the exception that knives with blades over 5.5 inches are now restricted from carry in a limited number of locations.


Disaffected Gun Control Activist Exposes Bloomberg’s “Top-down Bureaucracy”

Last Sunday’s episode of CBS’s 60 Minutes featured a rerun of an interview with former-New York City Mayor and gun control financier Michael Bloomberg. During the interview, reporter Steve Kroft noted that Bloomberg has spent “a hundred and thirty-five million dollars to battle the NRA on gun control.” With money like this flowing from the would-be oligarch to his gun control organization Everytown for Gun Safety and other anti-gun efforts, gun rights supporters recognize that Everytown, and its subsidiaries like Moms Demand Action, are little more than a billionaire authoritarian’s attempt at political astroturfing. However, an item published in the Huffington Post on August 25 reveals that even some gun control activists are getting fed up with Bloomberg’s autocratic approach.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

5 reasons to support National Reciprocity

5 Reasons:

1. Exercising a right shouldn’t be contingent upon what state you’re in.
2. You don’t want to be an accidental criminal.
3. Concealed carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding citizens in the country.
4. Reciprocity laws can change frequently with little notice…
5. Law-abiding concealed carriers can protect YOU in all 50 states.

The truth is responsible, law-abiding concealed carriers are an added layer of protection for ALL of us. Unfortunately, too many states make it difficult or impossible for gun owners to carry concealed — let alone across state lines. In this uncertain world, the last thing states should do is disarm law-abiding gun owners. That doesn’t make anyone safer. But you know what will? Empowering gun owners with the freedom to exercise their right to defend their life and the lives of those around them — no matter what state they’re in.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

American Authors?????

Can you believe that these authors seem not to believe in the USA Constitution???!!!!!!

The joined: Everytown Author Council 

Here is the member list: 

Everytown Author Council members include:
A.J. Jacobs
A.S. King
Abby Fabiaschi
Aimee Molloy
Alexander London
Alice Hoffman
Alison Buckholtz
Amber Keyser
Amy Brill
Amy Poeppel
Amy Reed
Annabel Monaghan
Anne Nesbet
Anne Ursu
Audrey Glassman Vernick
Brad Meltzer
Brenda Janowitz
Brendan Reichs
Caroline Carlson
Caroline Leavitt
Cathi Hanauer
Chris Bohjalian
Christa Desir
Christopher Healy
Corey Ann Haydu
Courtney Sheinmel
Cynthia Kaplan
Cynthia Leititch Smith
David Lubar
David MacInnis Gill
Dean Gloster
Deborah Copaken
Diana Abu Jaber
Dianne Salerni
Elana K. Arnold
Elizabeth Eulberg
Emmy Laybourne
Erica Jong
Erin Dionne
Gayle Forman
Geoff Rodkey
Hannah Rodgers Barnaby
Heather Bouwman
Heidi Schulz
J. Courtney Sullivan
Jaime Temairik
Janet Carey
Janet Fox
Jason Carter Eaton
Jeanne Ryan
Jen Calonita
Jenn Reese
Jennifer Finney Boylan
Jennifer Gilmore
Jenny Staff Johnson
Jesse Klausmeier
Jilian Medoff
Jimin Han
Jo Knowles
Jo Salas
Jodi Picoult
John Bemelmans Marciano
John Searles
Joyce Maynard
Judith Newman
Julianna Baggott
Julie Hedlund
Julie Klam
Justina Chen
Justina Ireland
K.A. Holt
Kat Yeh
Kate Chell Milford
Kate Messner
Katherine Marsh
Kathryn Craft
Kathy Reichs
Kelly Barnhill
Kim Brown Seely
Kim Turrisi
Kimberly Derting
Kirby Larson
Laura Ruby
Laurel Snyder
Laurie Halse Anderson
Laurie Thompson
Lee Bacon
Lee Wind
Lev Grossman
Lin Oliver
Lisa Genova
Lisa Papademetriou
Lisa Schroeder
Liz Garton Scanlon
Margaret Dilloway
Mark Holtzen
Martha Brockenbrough
Maureen Johnson
Meg Wolitzer
Meredith Maran
Michael Frank
Micol Ostow
Mike Curato
Miranda Beverly-Whittemore
Nancy Turner Steveson
Natalia Sylvester
Natalie C. Parker
Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich
Rori Shay
Roxana Robinson
Samantha Berger
Sara Nickerson
Sarah Albee
Sarah Darer
Sarah Dessen
Sarah McCoy
Sarah Robbins
Sarah-Jane Stratford
Sean Beaudoin
Soman Chainani
Stacey Lee
Stephanie Gangi
Susan Orlean
Susie Orman Schnall
Tara Dairman
Terra Elan McVoy
Tessa Gratton
Tim Federle
Tony Abbott
Varian Johnson
Wednesday Martin
Wendy Wahman
William Alexander

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Report: Juvenile gun arrests double in Boston

Juvenile gun arrests in Boston have more than doubled in the first quarter of 2017, according to police data analyzed by the Boston Herald.

So far in 2017, there have been 19 juvenile gun-related arrests, a more than 100 percent uptick from the first three months of last year. The charges range from warrants for previous gun crimes to illegal possession of a firearm.

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans also spoke to the Herald about the issue.“I don’t know whether it’s part of the gang culture to think carrying a gun is cool, but that’s the culture we have to change,” Evans continued.

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Some things Smith & Wesson SD40VE does better than Glock 23 (and for less money)

In my review of the Smith & Wesson SD40VE, I alluded to the Smith & Wesson perhaps being a challenger to the venerable Glock, in this particular case, the Glock 23. The Glock pistol, in its various forms, has become the standard bearer for “polymer defensive pistol” it seems like. I am uncertain if it is because the Glock was the first polymer pistol to gain widespread use, or if it is really just that good. Everything gets compared to the Glock, so why not the SD40VE. I think what we find may be a little surprising.

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Indiana lawmakers pass bill to allow guns in Statehouse

Lawmakers in the Indiana Senate have passed a bill that would allow staff members to carry handguns in the Statehouse.

The measure, Senate Bill 43, passed Monday on a 39-7 vote in the Indiana Senate and now heads to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk for signature, the Northwest Indiana Times reported.

The legislation would allow state lawmakers and legislative staffers with handgun permits to carry their handguns inside the state capitol building, including the Senate and House chambers. Handguns could be carried openly or concealed.

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Despite ban, Baltimore police recover more guns with high-capacity mags

Baltimore police confiscated more guns with high-capacity magazines in 2016 than any period of time during the last seven years, despite a four-year-old Maryland ban on the magazines’ sale and manufacture.

Approximately 22 percent of all recovered guns had high capacity magazines, 4 percentage points greater than numbers from 2013, the bloody year that led lawmakers to pass the high-capacity magazine ban.

Police say criminals prefer larger magazines, as they can fire off more rounds before having to reload. A Baltimore Sun investigation last year showed that corpses with at least 10 gunshot wounds have doubled in the past decade.

So far in 2017, the number of shootings and homicides has increased by 40 percent in Baltimore, coming after an awful 2016 that saw the second highest number of homicides on record.

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Baltimore County votes to repeal Taser ban in wake of lawsuit

The Baltimore County Council on Monday voted to scrap its ban on electronic weapons following a federal lawsuit challenging the prohibition on Second Amendment grounds.

Meeting in Towson, the council voted unanimously to lift the local ordinance which promised to punish those caught with Tasers or stun guns up to a $1,000 fine or six months in jail. The measure comes as a response to a lawsuit filed by six area residents that took not only Baltimore County but the City of Baltimore and Howard County into federal court.

With the action on Monday, all the defendants in the suit have thrown in the towel on their local bans. U.S. Chief Judge Catherine C. Blake in February signed off on an order approved by the City of Baltimore putting its prohibition on electronic weapons on ice while officials work on a more formal legislative repeal of the ban. That same week, the Howard County Council voted 4-1 to repeal its ban.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Shooting sports support Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The Kids & Clays® Foundation is a community of shooting sports enthusiasts committed to supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities and improving the lives of children and their families. By partnering with sponsors and shooters, Kids & Clays generates funds to help support the needs of Ronald McDonald Houses across the nation.

"We've really enjoyed our relationship with Kids & Clays® these last several years and look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come. With this organization, not only are we able to help grow the shooting sports but we're also able to indirectly support the Ronald McDonald House Charities," states Frank Devlin, Director of Commercial Sales for Otis Technology.

Otis Technology is continuing its monetary support of the organization as well as providing gun cleaning supplies for use both during the events and as auction items. Kids & Clays will host 28 events in 2017.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Trump & LaPierre

NRA Executive Director and CEO Wayne LaPierre worked side by side with President Donald Trump at the White House this week.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chicago, glad I do not live there!

Last year, Chicago experienced its worst violence in two decades — with more than 4,300 people shot, 762 of them fatally, according to official Police Department statistics.

The latest crime statistics from Chicago police show that so far this year, there have been 38 murders and 182 shootings. Or another source of official Police Department figures show that through Sunday 35 people have been slain, a 13 percent increase over 31 a year earlier. The number of shooting incidents have almost been identical — 169 this year compared with 168 last year, police figures show.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jerry Miculek’s New World Record: 10 shots on 3 Targets in 1.59 Seconds

At Shot Show 2017, Jerry Miculek set another shooting world record for his STL drill. The STL drill is three targets at fifteen feet, four shots on center mass, two shots on the head, two shots in center mass on the right target, and two shots in center mass on the left target, for a total of ten shots.

Jerry Miculek does the STL Drill in 1.59 seconds. That is just under 7 rounds a second, while transitioning between targets.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Michael Bloomberg's daughter Georgina is now dating a hunting enthusiast

Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is an animal rights activist who has called her own father's record on animal welfare a 'failure'. But Georgina is now dating a hunting enthusiast.

Carlos Arruza Jr, who often posts photos on social media of wild boars, turkeys and deer he's killed on hunting trips, accompanied Georgina to a Humane Society gala in November.

He also considered himself 'thankful' and 'blessed' to be able to take his godsons on a hunting trip, during which they shot a wild boar.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

DESPICABLE: Teacher bullies 9-year-old girl for deer hunting: "Killing animals is not what we do!"


The district noted in a statement posted on its website that school officials and the Yatsko family “resolved this issue seven weeks ago. The family is satisfied with the resolution and requests that the matter be closed.”
But Heidi Yatsko told Gazette last Thursday that Domonique hasn’t been herself since the incident.
“I think it hurt her more internally,” she told the paper. “The person she grew up to be and the family she’s surrounded by was told it’s wrong.”

Teacher shames young hunter at NE OH school: "Killing animals is not what we do"

Hinckley - home of the buzzards!?

The township became known across Ohio and the United States as the home of the buzzards.

Schools are feeding off the wrong information!!!

According to the article, despite the fact that hunting apparel, including camouflage and images of animals, does not violate the school's dress code, Domonique was taken out in the hallway at Hinckley (Twp.) Elementary School and told to remove her sweatshirt because it was "upsetting."

The Medina (OH) Gazette is reporting that a nine year-old first-year apprentice-licensed hunter, whose 2016 Youth Hunt resulted in the harvest of a mature 8 point buck, was later shamed and embarassed by her teacher at school.
School does not apologize???? 
Since broke the story, various blogs and at least one conservative talk show host have picked up on the story. Several are providing contact information for those interested in contacting the teacher, the principal, and/or the superintendent to urge that the teacher and principal issue a public, written apology to Domonique.
PLEASE - if you choose to write or call them, you should be as professional and respectful in tone as you would expect them to be in dealing with you or your child.
Teacher: Hannah Copa:
Principal: James Carpenter:;  (330) 239-1901.
Superintendent: Catherine Aukerman:; (330) 239-1901, ext. 1217.
Contact information for the Board of Education is here. The contact information for its president, Dr. Norman Christopher, is here.

update ? :

The district noted in a statement posted on its website that school officials and the Yatsko family “resolved this issue seven weeks ago. The family is satisfied with the resolution and requests that the matter be closed.”
But Heidi Yatsko told Gazette last Thursday that Domonique hasn’t been herself since the incident.
“I think it hurt her more internally,” she told the paper. “The person she grew up to be and the family she’s surrounded by was told it’s wrong.”

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chicago keeps it going!!!!

The year 2017 got off to a bloody start in Chicago.

Three people were killed and 16 more were wounded in shootings on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in the Windy City.

The violence came on the heels of one of the deadliest years in the city's history, with 812 homicides (725 by gunfire) and 3,550 total shootings on the books for 2016 — and despite the fact that the city had 1,000 extra cops on the street to keep the peace.

"At this rate, 2017 could be even worse," a Chicago police officer who asked not to be identified warned.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Chicago records 762 homicides in 2016, up 57 percent from previous year!!!!!!

The city of Chicago recorded 762 homicides in 2016 — an average of two murders per day, the most killings in the city for two decades and more than New York and Los Angeles combined.

The nation's third largest city also saw 1,100 more shooting incidents than it did in 2015, according to statistics released by the Chicago Police Department that underlined a story of bloodshed that has put Chicago at the center of a national dialogue about gun violence.

The numbers released Sunday are staggering, even for those following the steady news accounts of weekends ending with dozens of shootings and monthly death tolls that hadn't been seen in years. The increase in 2016 homicides compared to 2015, when 485 were reported, is the largest spike in 60 years.