Saturday, May 14, 2016

Obama: Schools now must allow student perverts!

USA has officially gone mad!  

Now we have Obama giving decrees to all schools in America, ordering them to allow people to use the bathroom of their choice.  

Obama: “The guidance explains that when students or their parents, as appropriate, notify a school that a student is transgender, the school must treat the student consistent with the student’s gender identity.” 

Some of mandates Obama is unilaterally demanding of our schools:

  1. Dictates that students must be allowed to play the sport of the gender they self-identify.
  2. Dictates that on school field trips, boys who self-identify as female must be allowed to sleep in the same hotel rooms as female students, and vice versa. Providing a private hotel room for a transgender student is not allowed unless all students are lodged in private rooms.
  3. Dictates that boys who self-identify as female be allowed to use girls’ locker rooms and shower facilities, and vice versa.