Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Long Range Wireless Marksmanship System

OutWest Systems, Inc.- Renowned for their line of advanced high-tech LASER and live fire (and super long range optic cable) firearm training systems is pleased to announce the release of their OCAT Long Range Wireless System. Problem: When firing at targets much over 300 yards it can be difficult to see bullet holes or round impact.This is especially true if the shooter does not have a spotter watching the shots as fired. And at ranges much beyond this having a spotter or not it is nearly impossible to reliably see the hits and misses especially under recoil. Solution: OCAT System's Long Range Marksmanship System solves this! - See more at:

Economic Portable Lockbox

MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH - SnapSafe Lockbox is an economical and handy solution for many personal security concerns. MKS Supply, LLC the marketer for SnapSafe announces a great little concept with big results. Whether it is a firearm or other valuables sometimes they must be locked up and the means to do that is not always handy such as when at work, in your car, residence and hotel or even on an aircraft (SnapSafe meets TSA airline firearm guidelines). - See more at:

Springfield Armory Initiates Recall on 3.3 XD-S 9mm and 3.3 XD-S .45 ACP

Springfield Armory® is initiating this voluntary safety recall to upgrade 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and 3.3 XD-S™ .45ACP pistols with new components, which eliminate the possibility of a potentially dangerous condition. We want to emphasize that no injuries have been reported to date.

Springfield has determined that under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and .45ACP caliber pistols could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the trigger is pulled once. The chance of these conditions existing is exceptionally rare, but if they happen, serious injury or death could occur. For information, see Springfield Recall Registration.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Smith & Wesson Issues Safety Alert and Inspection Procedure for M&P Shield Pistols

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Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today that the Company has identified a condition where the trigger bar pin could damage the lower trigger in certain M&P Shields in a way that may affect the functionality of the drop safety feature of the firearm, potentially allowing the pistol to discharge if it is dropped.

This Safety Alert applies to all M&P Shield pistols manufactured before August 19, 2013. We believe this condition is largely limited to recently manufactured M&P Shield pistols. However, out of an abundance of caution, we are asking all consumers of all M&P Shields manufactured before August 19, 2013 to immediately inspect their pistols for this condition.

Any unintended discharge of a firearm has the potential to cause injury, and we ask that you STOP USING YOUR PISTOL IMMEDIATELY UNTIL IT HAS BEEN INSPECTED AND, IF THE CONDITION IS FOUND, REPAIRED.

To determine whether your firearm was manufactured before August 19, 2013 and to receive video instructions for inspection, please go to All firearms must be inspected to determine whether it exhibits the condition identified in this notice. You can also find this information on our website at under the product safety button.

If you are uncomfortable conducting the inspection outlined above, or are unsure whether the condition described in this notice applies to your firearm, please take your firearm to your local M&P Certified Armorer or send your firearm to Smith & Wesson for inspection. M&P Armorers can be found on the website under the Find a Dealer tab.

If after inspection it is determined that the condition outlined in this safety alert exists, the firearm must be sent to Smith & Wesson for repair. If your firearm is affected by the condition outlined in this notice, please send your pistol to Smith & Wesson. Your firearm will be inspected, and if necessary, repaired at no cost to you. Your firearm will be returned within 5 to 7 business days. All shipping and repair costs will be covered by Smith & Wesson.

Please contact Smith & Wesson directly at 877-899-6259, or at to arrange for the repair, if necessary, of your pistol.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bushnell Tactical Adds Four New Models to its Extended Range Riflescope Series


Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for 65 years, has introduced the next generation of its Elite Tactical 3.5-21x 50mm extended range riflescope (ERS). The scope, part of the Bushnell Elite Tactical ERS series, is designed for fast and accurate target acquisition and available with three reticle options: Horus H59 or TreMoR2 and the G2DMR. With the potential to acquire targets at extended ranges with the ERS, Bushnell has increased the side parallax adjustment range and incorporated its new Z-Lok locking elevation turret, which has .1 mil clicks and 10 mil revolutions. In addition, the new Z-Lok features a zero stop that allows the shooter to preset the zero and avoid the possibility of dialing below zero. Because windage adjustments require less dialing, the T-Lok turret is used on the windage knob and can be quickly lifted for adjustments when conditions change and instantly locked into place by depressing the turret to its standard position. - See more at:

Rio Grande Custom Illustrated Ruger Stocks


Brighton, CO, -- Rio Grande Custom Grips handgun grips for Ruger

Handgun grips for single action revolvers
Rio Grande Custom Grips has many illustrated handgun stocks for revolvers. Using a proprietary patented process the company can put most any image, illustration and/or verbiage that is encased in tough poly-material such as these great scary real looking Rattlesnake stocks (image).

Made from molded high-strength specialized polymer the stocks are seriously tough and durable; they are salt, oil, solvent, water impact and abrasion resistant. So now you can dress up your handgun or make your statement and do so with serious handgun grips that are made to last.
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Browning AB3 Bolt-Action Rifle


For 2013 Browning is pleased to announce the introduction of the AB3 bolt-action rifle. Built to be an accurate and value priced rifle, the AB3 will retail for $599.99. For 2013, the AB3 will be available in a Composite Stalker model in four different calibers. - See more at: