Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Highlights November Issue of American COP


The November issue of American COP features a review of Smith and Wesson's popular M&P Shield and viable handgun retention techniques for officers looking to increase their repertoire in dealing with close­range threats.

Building on the success of its budding M&P series, Smith and Wesson recently introduced an excellent addition to the compact pistol/concealed­carry market: The Shield. Chambered for 9mm and .40 S&W, the Shield's full­size capabilities impressed American COP editor Suzi Huntington, who gave this "backup pocket powerhouse" her stamp of approval.

"The Shield feels more like a 'real' gun than the tiny pocket nines out there these days. That tiny bit of extra size means you can almost do full­size pistol work with it," Huntington reveals. "I've fed it a variety of ammo, from cheap reloads to match­grade, and the gun has functioned perfectly."

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