Monday, October 1, 2012

Camo Form Camouflage Wrap Gaining National Attention


The U.S. military issues a roll in every sniper kit. Hunters use it to wrap their hunting gear. And now Swamp People and SWAT members are joining the Camo Form® movement. The heavy-duty camouflage wrap recently made its appearance on the hit TV show "Swamp People" as well as the "nation's favorite gun magazine," SWAT Magazine.

"From hunters to military personnel to law enforcement, Camo Form's versatility has people taking note," said Cheriss Faiola, community development specialist at McNett. "Military snipers use it to wrap weapons and to blend into natural surroundings. Hunters use it to camouflage tree stands. Law enforcement uses it for cheek pad support and to reduce glare. And now Swamp People are using it to hunt gators. There's no limit to what Camo Form can do."

Camo Form is the only camouflage wrap that will not leave behind a sticky residue. Unlike camouflage tapes, Camo Form adheres to itself; so when it gets dirty, it can be removed, washed and re-used. Camo Form also conforms to any shape for a custom fit, so it can be used on just about anything.

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