Thursday, October 11, 2012

Results From Survival Trial II - September 29-30, 2012


Jon Weiler's 2012 Survival Trial II concluded at 1030AM on September 30, 2012 with 12 teams moving out of the Survival Trial Arena located at the NRA Whittington Center on 52 square miles of treacherous, yet beautiful Northern New Mexico Landscape. Each Survival Trial is a point based, 24 hour endurance shooting event that includes Shooting Scenarios, Physical Obstacles, Mental Challenges, Golden Baskets and Mini Games, all worth points for an overall team aggregate. Teams move by foot with a required packing list from location to location to negotiate the task. Some points were known to the competitors; some were Points of Interest that were not disclosed to the competitors until they reached that location. The Survival Trial II required strong strategic skills, with successful teams combining good navigation skills, time management and physical stamina for a higher placed finish.

1st Place: Team Ruby Red - 2180 Team Points - Finished in 23 hours, 25 minutes
2nd Place: Team Merka - 1610 Team Points - Finished in 21 hours, 27 minutes
3rd Place: Team Valhalla Armory - 1520 Team Points - Finished in 22 hours, 13 minutes

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