Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Whatever your political allegiance, please contact Donald Trump, and urge him to stand firm in his support for the Second Amendment. You can contact Trump by copying-and-pasting the message below using his email address or webform:

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Thank you.
Tim Macy
----------Pre-written letter----------
Dear Mr. Trump:
For years now, we have heard how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are “soft” on crime -- and instead insist on scapegoating 100,000,000 law-abiding gun owners for the horrific crimes committed by criminals and terrorists. 
That point was made crystal clear by two contrasting events on the presidential campaign Tuesday.

On one hand, the radical Islamic father of Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen was invited to sit behind Hillary Clinton at a heavily vetted rally in Florida's “I-4 corridor.” Clinton refused to answer questions about Mateen's presence, and the Leftist anti-gun press largely gave pro-terrorist Clinton a “pass.” 

In North Carolina, on the other hand, the Leftist press couldn’t goosestep fast enough when you argued that there is nothing anyone could do about Clinton judicial appointees, and added “Although the Second Amendment people -- maybe there is, I don’t know.”

For the record, the “gun people” that you referred to have been largely responsible for the defeat of anti-gun nominee Merrick Garland as a “swing vote” on the Supreme Court.  

The members of Gun Owners of America have generated thousands upon thousands of emails and postcards into the U.S. Senate -- all in opposition to Garland.

So, if there’s anyone in the country who could keep Clinton from packing the Supreme Court, it’s GOA.
You were just recognizing reality. 

But how did the psychopathically unhinged anti-gun Hillary Clinton and her “puppet press” interpret your remark? 
She and her surrogates accused you of threatening to have gun owners assassinate Clinton and her nominees.  And her lapdogs in the press are repeating this interpretation ad nauseum. 

But, in so doing, the deranged Clinton has had to implicitly accuse America’s 100,000,000 gun owners of being murderers, assassins, and criminals. 

This would not be first time Clinton has made this accusation. And it’s pretty clear that Clinton, who appears to be “losing it” mentally, believes this. 

But we are not going to let Clinton get away with cozying up to a radical Islamist and violating federal espionage laws -- and then accusing us of being the criminals. 

The bottom line?  Please do not be intimidated and back down as a result of the brainless Leftist press.  Please stand firm in support for the Second Amendment.


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