Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Attorney General announces Second Quarter 2016 CHL statistics; 65% increase over prior year

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) has released the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) statistics for the second quarter of 2016 and it was another record-setting quarter. There are now 550,000 valid Ohio CHL’s and Ohio honors an estimated 12,300,000 more.
Stats at a glance:
For the first time, there are 550,000 active Ohio CHLs
32,259 is the most initial CHLs ever issued in the second quarter
This is a 65% increase over the same period the prior year.
47,360 total licensed issued is second only to 48,032 in Q2 of 2013
11,276 renewals represents an approximate 74% rate, slightly above average
There are 5% more active CHLs than there were 3 months ago.
There are 19% more active CHLs than there were 1 year ago.
Sheriffs issued almost 20 CHLs per hour.
Sheriffs issued over 650 CHLs per week. (more than double historical average)
1:16 odds an adult you see has a CHL.
Revocation rate is about 0.4%

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