Monday, August 29, 2016

Taking the Cure to Stop Violence

Taking the Cure to Stop Violence

Doctor Gary Gonsalves is an anesthesiologist in southern California.  He saw an article in a medical journal that said the recent flood of gun-regulations in California was only a good start, but probably not enough.  The article also called for more government funded anti-gun propaganda and more “gun-control”.   I helped Dr Gonsalves with facts and references.  Here is our article.  A revised edition will appear in his medical journal today.

“Taking the Cure to Stop Violence” by Gary Gonsalves, M.D. and Rob Morse

In reference to Dr. Rita Agarwal’s “Gun Violence: When will we make a change”, she makes an emotional appeal for “gun control” while conveniently ignoring the science that she calls on us to embrace:

So let’s look at the facts, while being sensitive to emotions elicited by hysterical claims and the toxic effects of interpersonal violence.

The fact is that we are not facing an epidemic of armed violence in the United States.  Rates of armed homicide declined 50% over the last 30 years while firearms ownership has doubled (1)(2).  Further, the U.S. is ranked 11th for the incidence of mass murder per 100 thousand when compared against European countries. The U.S. is more peaceful per person than France, Switzerland, Norway or Belgium during the last 7 years (3). While statistics don’t and shouldn’t change our emotional reaction to human suffering, when properly employed, they can provide a foundation for critical analysis.  So let’s consider the research.

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