Sunday, June 21, 2015


Please take the time to read this post on this BLOG!

It points out flawed thinking on the part of some people, especially those with ties to the MEDIA or in the eyes of the PUBLIC.

Did the president, that is suppose to support the constitution of the USA really state this?

“It’s not because there aren’t violent people or racist people or crazy people in other countries; it’s that a 21-year-old kid can’t just walk in and buy a firearm and, oftentimes, through gun shows, avoid background checks, and then act on this hatred,” he said. “And we’ve got to change that, and it’s not enough for us to express sympathy — we have to take action.”

To quote from the above mentioned blog:

"…if a whole bunch of Islamic whackos kill, behead, torture, rape, pillage  destroy holy sites, sell women into slavery, send snuff videos out to the whole world and vow to kill every single one of us, it is OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE that we DON'T BLAME ALL MUSLIMS for the barbaric actions of a few."
"Yet it a single white lunatic acts out his sick fantasies, we should IMMEDIATELY blame: • All gun owners• All white people• All young people........"

People, we need to search for the truth for each issue, find the cause and correct that issue the best way we can within the constitution of this great country.

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