Monday, June 29, 2015

Death Row?!?

Why do we have all these people on death row in so many states?

Drugs not available to handle the execution!

Human rights - that they should not suffer!

Interesting, wonder if their acts of violence cause other people to suffer?

Okay - my answer!!!

Bring back the rifle squad. Yep, six guys/gals all with live rounds - 3 to the heart and 3 to head. Really think that will be quick and they will suffer only when they get hit with the hollow points.

In fact, why not just set up six rifles in a bench rest mechanism and a device pulls all six triggers at once. Of course you have to lock the criminal into the correct position, not an issue I assume.

Can even save a few pennies by reloading the ammunition.

Well, at least it is an idea to correct a problem.

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