Friday, September 13, 2013

Otis Technology Launches New One-Pass Gun Cleaning Tool

Otis Technology is pleased to offer a new addition to their gun care product line - the Ripcord™. The Ripcord™ is the fastest, most effective, one-pass clean available. Composed of heat resistant Nomex® fibers braided over a molded rubberized core/cable combination, the Ripcord™ offers the ability to clean firearms properly from Breech-to-Muzzle® in one quick and easy pass.

he Nomex® material acts as both a brush to loosen and a patch to capture fouling particles. The molded rubberized core keeps the Nomex® cleaning surface pressed against the bore, ensuring an aggressive all-around cleaning. Additionally, the core is a helix shape, which helps engage the rifling throughout the length of the barrel. Some added features to this one-pass cleaning tool are its ability to act as an obstruction remover for jammed cases and other blockages, and its 8-32 threaded ends for accommodating additional Otis cleaning components, if desired. - See more at:

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