Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meeks Receives Patent for Unique Gun Rack Design

Great Day, Inc of Tallulah, La. was issued design patent # D687, 247 by the US Patent Office on its new overhead gun racks for utility vehicles and Jeep Wranglers. The unique design is based on the principle of opposing forces that positions the gun rack securely in the headliner or inside roof area of the vehicle. In addition to providing a safe and secure means of transporting firearms in utility vehicles and Jeep Wranglers, this innovative design totally eliminates the need for drilling or alterations which could void the manufacturer's warranty. Installation can be done is just minutes with use of only an adjustable wrench or pliers. For more information, go to under "Truck Accessories" and "UTV Accessories" then click on Center-Lok Overhead Gun Rack and QuickDraw Overhead Gun Rack. - See more at:

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