Monday, November 12, 2012

Weapon Mounted Cameras – The Contour ROAM


If you have ever tried to film your hunts, it can really give you fits. The cameras never behave, and you can’t ever get the right angle. You can of course try to take along another person, but they generally want to get paid. And even if you have an extra pair of hands, there is no guarantee that the camera guy is going to be at the right angle when the game shows up. The answer is a weapon mounted camera, and our friends at Daniel Defense sent us a new camera called a Contour that is meant to be just that. We have tried Flip cams, hand cams, and even full sized HD tape cams, to the tune of over ten thousand bucks, but nothing has worked as well as these little cameras from Contour.

The lack of support for an external microphone is probably the biggest weakness, but the cameras are after all WATERPROOF, so you can’t really have that both ways. Sound behind the camera is muffled, but usable. You could carry a separate digital audio recorder and cut them together later if you wanted. The other issue is that you have to be close if you want something Youtube’able. Far shots will carry memories, and the colors and clarity is amazing. But if you want striking, get right on stuff. There is no viewfinder on the Contour, but it has a laser to show you the shooting edges, as explained below.

Overall the Contour ROAM, which is actually the baseline model, is a fantastic camera that hasn’t let us down yet. We keep an elastic around the switch when not in use because it is easy to turn it on by mistake. When that little circle lights up, you are recording, and the quality is outstanding.

There is no screen on the Contour cameras, but they do have this laser that shows you the boundaries of the camera lense to set up your shot.

the rear controls are rudimentary. There is a USB charge slot (for internal lithium rechargeables), a slot for the card, which is a Micro SD, and a couple reset buttons.

Contour Cameras from Daniel Defense
Contour ROAM Sale $139 with Picatinny Mount

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