Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Concealed Carry and the "Pea Shooter"

By Chuck Haggard (http://www.theoutdoorwire.com/specials/2012concealed_story.html?id=226741)

During the past 25+ years I have carried a pistol at work I have often heard some variation of "If you don't carry X, then you are dead," X being whatever the person thinks one must carry. Since I have carried a 9mm service pistol of some type at work for better than 20 years I get to hear this a lot from folks who espouse calibers that start with ".4".

This same mindset often carries over to concealed carry handguns, with disparagement of the smaller guns such as five shot snubs and sub-caliber pistols being common by the "tactically correct" crowd (not enough capacity or power, too hard to shoot, etc.).

The issue I see with this idea is that real people often find themselves on the wrong side of "the first rule of gunfighting," to wit; "have a gun", and the tactically correct crowd can often be found with no gun at all when they can't or won't carry their favorite blaster for whatever reason.

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