Thursday, November 3, 2011

Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late

 Tornados, wildfires, chemical spills, floods, blizzards, hurricanes, ice storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, civil unrest, flu pandemic; the list goes on. Any given year, Americans can expect to face any of those disasters. And they do. In fact, 2011 has been one of the worst tornado seasons in awhile, and that was just in April. The tornados in Alabama have proven that. Flooding hit the upper Midwest, like it does every year. The earthquake in Japan pushed a tsunami into our west coast causing destruction and death. Every night, dozens of families are driven out of their homes by a fire. Disaster isn’t always widespread; it can be individual.

So what can you do to better prepare yourself and your family to survive a disaster, big or small? Hopefully, this article will help you in that process, enabling you to prioritize your needs, establishing a plan and gather supplies and skills. So, where to start? How much do you need? First, you need to identify the most likely disasters you’re likely to encounter in your area. Based on those events, could you stay in your house, or would you have to evacuate? How many people (and pets) are in your house? From there, you can start your planning. There are also steps and precautions you can take that are useful no matter what the disaster is, from a hurricane to a house fire. Regardless of the nature of the disaster, there are certain supplies and pieces of equipment that are useful to have on hand.


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