Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chairman Of The Boards: By Mike Janich

Installing Improvised Window Shutters 

Anyone who has ever lived in a hurricane-prone area is familiar with the process of boarding up your windows to protect against the effects of nature’s fury. More importantly, anyone with firsthand experience of this process knows the absolute worst time to start thinking about it is when everyone else is doing the same, and plywood is suddenly worth its weight in gold.

Like all things related to disaster preparedness, the sooner you start to address the process of boarding up your home, the better prepared you’re going to be. In this case, however, the advantages of early action are pretty compelling.

Security Shutters
If you don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, shutters may still be a viable and desirable addition to your home security. During normal circumstances, the standard level of physical security of your home should be adequate to prevent intrusion. However, if a disaster or emergency situation arises, normal may cease to exist and you may choose to harden your home to eliminate possible avenues of forcible entry. For example, if you have a typical, well-prepared home, your doors are all high quality and properly reinforced. Your ground-level windows are also secured by means of an appropriate alarm system that detects glass breakage or open windows. If a window is breached, the alarm gives you the time to react and get to safety and summons the cavalry.
In a disaster scenario, the cavalry won’t be coming, so you’ll need to fend for yourself. And the better prepared your resources are within your home, the more attractive they may become to scavengers, looters, and other miscreants outside your home.

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