Friday, January 22, 2016


The NRA-ILA has condemned Washington state Governor Jay Inslee after he called the NRA and its supporters a “destructive force” in a recent call to raise support for new gun control measures at home.

“Enough is enough,” said Inslee in his attack email. “Gun violence is a public health crisis in this country, and here in Washington state, we’re going to address this problem—right now.”

“Make no mistake, the NRA and their friends in the gun lobby are a powerful and destructive force,” said Inslee. “We must stand together to demand a reduction in preventable gun violence here in Washington state…That means standing up to the NRA and their high-powered friends.”

In response the NRA-ILA issued this statement saying “The Governor is using law-abiding gun owners as a scapegoat for his failure to provide any practical solutions that would deal with crime and mental health issues in the state of Washington. Current laws do not need to be ‘strengthened,’ but they do need to be enforced.”

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