Sunday, January 3, 2016

Elbert Guillory: Champion for the 2nd Amendment

Dear Mr. President, I just saw you on the news saying that you want Congress to "do something, do anything" about Gun Control.

It is precisely this thoughtless "do anything" approach to violence that is absolutely wrong for America! I urge you to start by thoughtfully dealing with bad guys and sick people who commit violent acts. Keep bad guys out by protecting our borders. Keep bad guys in prison when they use guns to commit crimes. Spend some of the trillions of taxpayer dollars that you flush down overseas toilets identifying and treating America's mentally ill. Don't just do "anything." Do something positive and thoughtful...for a change.

Oh, and happy new year to the men and women who protect your family with high capacity, automatic weapons...the same kind of protection deserved by every American family!!

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