Tuesday, October 20, 2015

They talk about loophole in regards to firearms! WHAT ABOUT THIS??? The Illegal Alien Licensing Loophole

The interesting loophole in all of this is another initiative of the same “progressive” activists in our society: the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

A dozen states currently offer licenses regardless of immigration status, and of course the proponents of this idea object to any suggestion that these driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants include any indication that the holder is not a fully vested citizen with all the rights and privileges of citizenship. They say that providing a license that is any different than a normal driver’s license would be an invasion of the person’s privacy and an invitation for discrimination.

Considering that the driver’s license is the predominant form of ID used for most purposes, including voting and in firearm purchases, and is usually the only form of ID used, this means that, not only is this practice potentially enabling voter fraud, but it also invites people who are prohibited by law from purchasing or possessing firearms an easy means of buying them through legal channels.

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