Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ruger steps up and keeps "Ruger Rimfire Series" going for 2013

from: http://www.shootingwire.com/story/279865

Below is the official Ruger Firearms announcement regarding the continued management and administration of the Ruger Rimfire Series. Please post as soon as possible.

"As many of you are aware NSSF has decided not to assume control of the Ruger Rimfire program at this time due to new priorities in response to recent events. During a phone call with NSSF and Ruger staffs it was determined that Ruger would continue to oversee the program for the time being. Some Ruger staff previously involved in running the program has been reassigned to duties within the company in this very busy period all manufacturers in our industry are experiencing. NSSF has offered to assist with manpower by providing the services of Tim Norris with whom they have been working in anticipation of the transition of the rimfire program. I will be working closely with Tim to provide continuity for 2013

Ruger will continue to offer product for the prize tables of the sanctioned matches in 2013. I am sure that many of the past sponsors will also continue to be involved and support the rimfire program to the extent they are able.

I do anticipate that matches approved and sanctioned by NSSF for 2013 will go forward as planned. As new applications are received they will be reviewed and acted upon as quickly as possible. Our goal is to keep the program moving and growing with the assistance provided by NSSF and with the intention of transferring the program to them by 2014.

Contact Tim at rimfiresteel@gmail.com or his cell  (661) 510-9379 if you have questions about hosting a Ruger Rimfire match.

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