Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gun Companies Under Fire: What’s Their Next Move?


Firearms makers and gun-accessory manufacturers are certainly facing a hostile Senate and federal administration, but the battles aren’t all on the national stage. Several state governments are also making life difficult for firearms businesses, forcing gun and accessory makers in those states to consider moving their operations to friendlier locations. And some companies are beginning to push back, even if it costs them business. Examples:
In a nearby Shooter’s Log item, “What Would the World be Like Without Magpul and PMAG 30s?“, Dave Dolbee reports that “In their zeal to jump on the anti-gun agenda, lawmakers in Colorado have proposed banning the sale or manufacture of high-capacity magazines. The law would go well beyond Colorado’s borders by banning the manufacture of products to be sold out-of-state.”
In another Shooter’s Log item, “Gun Rights in Your State: The ILA and CRLDF,” CTD Scott points out, “State legislatures have more power than the federal government. Because of the smaller constituency and lobbying efforts, state governments can pass bills into laws with more ease than the U.S. Congress. So, you’re more likely to see restrictions on your gun rights come from your state than the federal government.”

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