Friday, January 4, 2013

Turnbull Introduces Limited Edition "Wild Bunch" Model 1911


Turnbull Mfg. Co has designed a Model 1911 Pistol that offers something to both 1911 fans and members of the Single Action Shooting Society™ (SASS). The pistol will be newly manufactured and based on the 1918 production model of the 1911 pistol. As the premier restorer of historic 1911 pistols, Turnbull is able to turn out an accurate and reliable reproduction of this beloved pistol.

"I have always loved the 1911 pistol and as a SASS member, the best known single action firearm design is a natural fit," noted company founder, president and SASS Member Turnin' Bull. "We have added the personalization features that are important to Single Action Shooters."

Each of the pistols will have "Wild Bunch" engraved on the right side of the slide, with the SASS member's Official Alias on the left. In addition, the membership number will be used as the serial number.

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