Friday, January 4, 2013

National Coalition Formed To Stop the Gun Ban

National Coalition Formed To Stop the Gun Ban


The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA), in conjunction with other organizations throughout the country, has formed a national coalition to defeat the Obama/Biden/Feinstein Gun Ban proposal. Thursday, the Coalition released an Open Letter to Members of Congress, which is included below. "The NFOA is proud to be a founding member of the Coalition," NFOA President Wesley Dickinson stated. "Compromise with politicians using words like confiscation and registration is not possible."

So far, 27 state and national organizations have joined the "National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban," including all of the groups listed below;
The objective of the coalition is to kill the proposals. Period. It is not to "compromise" by saddling gun owners with restrictions and whining "It was the best we could get." Nothing less than the complete defeat of the Obama/Biden/Feinstein proposals will suffice;
All coalition members have agreed that "compromise" is not an option; AND

The member organizations launched the Coalition with a coordinated "Open Letter to Members of Congress" (included at the end of this email alert), and with coordinated press releases and membership alerts
Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban Members

National organizations: The Firearms Coalition, Gun Owners of America, Rights Watch International, Second Amendment Sisters,

State organizations: Arizona Citizens Defense League, Arkansas Carry, Florida Carry, Inc., Grass Roots North Carolina, Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Gun Owners of California, Gun Owners of Maine, Gun Owners of Vermont, Michigan Gun Owners, The Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Montana Shooting Sports Association, New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society, Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, Oregon Firearms Federation, Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights, Shooters Committee on Political Education N.Y. Utah Shooting Sports Council, Virginia Citizens Defense League, West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Western Missouri Shooters Alliance, and Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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