Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In-Range Supplies™ provides the ultimate sight-in rifle rest


In-Range Supplies, a division of Range Systems™, a leading manufacturer of live fire shooting products for the military, law enforcement and civilian communities, introduces the Sight-Bloc™, their multi-level rifle rest.

The Sight-Bloc is manufactured from Range Systems patented rubber composite made entirely from recycled rubber particles which contain fire extinguishing properties, UV protection, and can endure extreme climate conditions. Unlike sandbags, which often shift, leak or absorb water, the Sight-Bloc provides a molded rubber construction that will not freeze, absorb water, or decompose, and always provides a stable and sturdy rifle shooting position.

The multi-level Sight-Bloc features 2 recessed rests which can accommodate heights from 4 inches, 7 inches or 9 inches. It will also accommodate AR-15 platform rifles with 30-round magazines. The Sight-Bloc is currently being used by the US Military and Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the US.

In-Range Supplies' Sight-Bloc weighs 14 pounds and its sturdy construction will last a lifetime. The MSRP is $49.99.

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