Saturday, August 25, 2012

Animals You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

from: Cheaper Than Dirts! 

If you find yourself in a survival situation and food is running low, you may surprise yourself by the things your brain tells you what animals it wants you to eat. Most of us who live in major metropolitan areas get the vast majority of our meats from mega marts and grocery stores in our area. For such large stores, the choices in meats are comparably few. Your choices are pretty much between poultry, pork, beef, and seafood. However, if Western civilization collapsed and we ran out of mega mart meat, what kinds of animals are good to consume in a pinch? The answers might surprise you!

1.) Squirrels

2.) Raccoons

3.) Rats - not to sure I personally could do this!

4.) Dogs

5.) Horses

6.) Insects

What do you think?

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