Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Teacher shames young hunter at NE OH school: "Killing animals is not what we do"

Hinckley - home of the buzzards!?

The township became known across Ohio and the United States as the home of the buzzards.

Schools are feeding off the wrong information!!!

According to the article, despite the fact that hunting apparel, including camouflage and images of animals, does not violate the school's dress code, Domonique was taken out in the hallway at Hinckley (Twp.) Elementary School and told to remove her sweatshirt because it was "upsetting."

The Medina (OH) Gazette is reporting that a nine year-old first-year apprentice-licensed hunter, whose 2016 Youth Hunt resulted in the harvest of a mature 8 point buck, was later shamed and embarassed by her teacher at school.
School does not apologize???? 
Since OutdoorNews.com broke the story, various blogs and at least one conservative talk show host have picked up on the story. Several are providing contact information for those interested in contacting the teacher, the principal, and/or the superintendent to urge that the teacher and principal issue a public, written apology to Domonique.
PLEASE - if you choose to write or call them, you should be as professional and respectful in tone as you would expect them to be in dealing with you or your child.
Teacher: Hannah Copa: hcopa@highlandschools.org
Principal: James Carpenter: jcarpenter@highlandschools.org;  (330) 239-1901.
Superintendent: Catherine Aukerman: aukerman@highlandschools.org; (330) 239-1901, ext. 1217.
Contact information for the Board of Education is here. The contact information for its president, Dr. Norman Christopher, is here.

update ? :

The district noted in a statement posted on its website that school officials and the Yatsko family “resolved this issue seven weeks ago. The family is satisfied with the resolution and requests that the matter be closed.”
But Heidi Yatsko told Gazette last Thursday that Domonique hasn’t been herself since the incident.
“I think it hurt her more internally,” she told the paper. “The person she grew up to be and the family she’s surrounded by was told it’s wrong.”

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