Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So When Are They LEAVING?

They all stated that they would pack their bags and leave. So when are they?


Bryan Cranston said he hopes he doesn’t have to pack his bags, but would “definitely move” if Trump won.

Samuel L. Jackson s “If that motherf---er becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa,”

Lena Dunham  I know a lovely place in Vancouver.” T

Neve Campbell, an actress on the political drama “House of Cards,” vowed to move back home to Canada,

"Orange is the New Black” actress Natasha Lyonne said she would hightail it to a mental hospital.

Omari Hardwick

Who? Actor in Power.

Where would he move? Italy.


Cher tweeted this summer that if Trump gets elected, “I’m moving to Jupiter.”

Miley Cyrus  “I am moving if he is president,” the young pop star said. “I don’t say things I don’t mean!”

Barbara Streisand,  “I’m either coming to your country if you’ll let me in, or Canada.”

Ne-Yo  that he’d move to Canada


Comedian Amy Schumer said in September that Spain would be her destination of choice.

Chelsea Handler said she already made contingency plans months ago. I actually will leave that country.”

Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart said he would consider “getting in a rocket and going to another planet,

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of the “The View”, said on an episode of the talk show earlier this year that if the country elects Trump, “maybe it’s time for me to move, you know. I can afford to go.”

Keegan-Michael Key said he would flee north to Canada.

Hispanic comedian George Lopez said Trump “won’t have to worry about immigration” if he takes the White House because “we’ll all go back.”

Political Figures:

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton told a reporter earlier this year that he’s “reserving my ticket out of here if [Trump] wins.”


Who? Actress and host of The View.

Where would she move? Canada.

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