Wednesday, October 26, 2016

President Clinton’s Gun-Free America- part one OCTOBER 26, 2016

President Obama had already appointed a large number of pro-government judges to the US Federal Circuit Courts.  Clinton accelerated the appointments.  She bypassed the legislative review process, by claiming a state of emergency.  Of course, that was illegal, but 41 loyal Democrat Senators made Clinton immune from legislative rebuke.  Elections have consequences.

The Clinton judges, along with Clinton’s executive orders, “reinterpreted” consumer products laws.  The new Clinton laws let any “injured party” sue firearms manufacturers.  The results were sad to watch.  The victims of gang shootings in our inner city were mostly young minority men raised by single moms.  Once the lawsuits started, these young men had more family than the Duggars.  The injured had more relatives than the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Teachers sued if their students were wounded.  Chicago Ministers joined in the lawsuits if their parishioner’s house was hit by a stray bullet.

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