Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Forming a Church Safety Team

Checking our Stopwatch of Death© database back to 1975, we find that church murders have been increasing with alarming frequency. Regrettably, ignoring the problem is only trolling for a tragedy. It is perfectly normal for us to not want to think about violence, much less murder, or mass murder in church. Today, however, safe havens do not occur naturally, they require our personal attention, intention, planning, and effort. A Volunteer Safety Team (VST) is certainly a practical consideration.

Until our legislators and decision makers for schools, churches, malls, theaters and workplaces become enlightened to the primary factor in saving the most lives (on-site good guys with guns), these locations will continue to be the preferred hunting grounds for active killers. Before we detail suggestions for forming a volunteer safety team, we need a closer examination of the problem.


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