Friday, June 27, 2014

Work Smarter

1. Take more breaks: Respecting our natural attention spans.On average, our brains are only able to focus for 90 minutes and need at least 20 minutes rest thereafter. Another way to implement breaks--especially when you’re busy--is to work in small bursts. Just set a timer for 25 minutes, and when it goes off, take a short break.

2. Take naps: One of the most efficient ways to boost your brain function. Research has shown that naps lead to improvement in cognitive function, creative thinking and memory performance. In particular, napping benefits the learning process, helping us take in and retain information better. So when should you be taking a nap? Well, if you pay attention to your body’s natural circadian rhythm, you’ll probably find that you have a dip in energy levels in the early afternoon. Our bodies are made to sleep for a long period overnight and a shorter stint during the day, which is why our energy levels drop and we felt sluggish or sleepy in the afternoon. Even if you don’t have a nap, this is a good time to listen to your body and have a rest.

3. Time outdoors or with nature. Spending time in nature, however, lets our minds fully relax and unwind, helping us to focus for longer when we return to work.

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