Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hornady’s New Security Division Unveils Its First Product

Hornady Manufacturing

When you think of Hornady, the first thing that comes to mind is cutting-edge ammunition and reloading supplies. What you don’t think of is gun safes. However, Hornady’s newest product happens to be just that, although not any run-of-the-mill gun safe. Hornady has developed a single firearm safe for a dresser drawer, table, truck or wherever you want to secure your gun but get to it in a hurry. There are a lot of similar safes out there with one big distinction: You don’t have to touch this safe to open it. Using RFID, or radio frequency identification technology, Hornady has brought to market a safe that opens instantly as you’re reaching for your gun. Rapid Safe, as they call it, uses three forms of RFID devices to open the safe. The first is a rubber band with an RFID tag in it that you wear on your wrist. This is also the most instinctive. As you reach for your gun, the RFID tag passes over a reader, and the safe pops open presenting your gun to be quickly drawn. There is also a key tag and a credit card sized RFID tag that will similarly open the safe. For backup purposes, you can enter a code in the keypad on the top or open it with a barrel key. As with all Hornady products, this first-of-its-kind safe is well thought out and well executed.


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