Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Special Feature by Tom Gresham

from: http://www.thetacticalwire.com/features/226842

I was surprised that Bob Costas (hereafter to be known as CluelessCostas) went on an anti-gun rant at halftime during the December 2 Sunday Night Football broadcast. He usually, I thought, does better research than that. At least, I thought that before now. Since I don't know the facts of the stories he reports, I have always considered him to be a reliable source, but this venture into knee-jerk reaction without a shred of research makes me wonder if I've gotten the straight story from him on other issues.

His editorial took the position that if Jovan Belcher had not had a gun, he would not have been able to commit murder or suicide. This is nonsense on the face of it. Fists, feet, knives (can anyone say O.J.?) and other tools can and are used to commit murder. In fact, the FBI categorizes all those as instruments of murder in its Uniform Crime Reports.

To see CluelessCostas blithely skip into the middle of this tragedy with such shallow and demonstrably false assumptions belies his reputation as a heretofore respected reporter.

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