Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 Bianchi Cup winners:

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2012 Bianchi Cup winners:


1. Doug Koenig: 1920-182x
2. Richard Siebert: 1920-159x
3. Andrea Moroni: 1918-173x


1. Robert Vadasz: 1878-135x
2. Bruce Piatt: 1877-145x
3. Phil Strader: 1872-119x


1. Vance Schmid: 1887-118x
2. Enoch Smith: 1885-123x
3. Rob Leatham: 1879-127x

Women's Division

1. Julie Golob: 1907-144x
2. Jessie Harrison-Duff: 1902-153x
3. Tiffany Piper: 1879-143x

If you understand the way the scores are shown, you appreciate just how good these shooters really are. There are 192 shots fired in the competition. If the shot goes in an eight inch area called the ten-ring, it's worth ten points. If it's in the 4-inch x-ring inside that eight inch circle, it's worth an x. What that means is Doug Koenig fired a perfect score (192x10= 1,920). But eight of his 192 shots were outside a four-inch circle on moving and still targets at distances from 10 to 25 yards.

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