Thursday, October 20, 2011

Comp-Tac Launches Official Blog

Comp-Tac Victory Gear is proud to announce the launch of their official blog! Covering topics from holster maintenance to new and upcoming products, each post is filled with only the best information for anyone interested in concealment and competition gear. Current articles include how to maintain your gear, the production process of Comp-Tac products, information on how to choose if a Slide version holster is right for you, and much more.

This blog is the best place to go for all the latest news and updates about Comp-Tac's high quality products and promotions. Each post is categorized by topic and tagged with key words to make searching by topic quick and easy. For topic suggestions or even just to ask a question, Comp-Tac posts contact information at the end of every article.

Upcoming blog posts include an interview with Comp-Tac's founder and president, Gregg Garrett, how to choose the right gear for your needs, interviews with the company's staff, and much more. To view Comp-Tac's new blog, visit

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