Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ohio concealed handgun license-holder defends own life

Ohio concealed handgun license-holder defends own life when attacked by two men at gas station.

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Dayton Police say a man who was being robbed at a local gas station turned the table on his two attackers, shooting one of them.

According to WRGT, Dayton's Fox affiliate, the attack happened late Friday, June 17 at the Sunoco station.

Police said the robbery victim, a concealed handgun license-holder, was being beaten by two men when he drew his gun and fired. The injured robber, Brandon Turner, was shot in the stomach with two .45 caliber rounds. He was originally listed in critical condition, but has been stabilized and is coopoerating with police.

Police say he admits that he and his accomplice, Billy Blackburn Jr., had no real reason for the assault, other than being "hopped up on drugs." Turner reportedly had both crack cocaine and alcohol in his system.

Police say the shooting was clearly self-defense, and that the CHL-holder will not face charges.

The entire incident was caught on store's surveillance video system.

Watch the video and listen to police narrative by clicking here.

A complete list of known incidents involving Ohio CHL-holders defending themselves is available here

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