Saturday, December 19, 2020

 Taking a break - working with Riverside Gun Club/Range, and the Gun Breakfast Club Group (Associate of the CMP).

Using SWAY with those groups.

Will be back soon.

Friday, July 3, 2020

July 4, 2020

Some random thoughts of myself and a few others in this great nation.

The Fourth of July is truly American; a celebration of our great nation. Sure, other nations have these types of holidays, but there’s none like the 4th in the U.S. It’s an occasion for everyone here to come together, giving thanks and honor those who have ensured our freedoms. 

It’s a laid back, American “come as you are, grab a plate, and enjoy the food and fireworks.” Only now, more than ever, not all of us feel that way.

Pandemic, Riots, Political Correctness in the Breakfast Food Aisle, Wild-Fires, looting of businesses, gun stores have little inventory, Blue Flue… When do the locusts arrive?

There’s no doubt that the United States is the greatest nation that’s ever existed. It was founded on the belief that all are equal, especially when it comes to justice and the law. Have there been mistakes? For sure, there are a few stains on the flag. But, when you examine the entirety of our history it’s amazing what we’ve accomplished. I say “we” because all of us -- everyone -- has played a part.

The world as we knew it has again changed and not for the better.   It is time to seriously review with yourself, family, (and if receptive) your workplace your emergency plans.  Do you and your family know what to do if the riots engulf your neighborhood or workplace?  Do you have a communications plan?  Do you have an escape and evade plan, including a location to link-up?  Is your emergency pack readily available, including water?

There’s a part of our society – it’s hard to tell how many – various groups who want to destroy the American way of life. They want to dismantle the very fabric of the American way of life. Plus, they’re supported by various means by international groups who seek to topple the U.S. It’s an old “agenda,” and begins by destroying the idea of the “traditional” family. The “defund the police” movement is just a start-up the ladder, ultimately ending with the Constitution and justice system. And if you’re not up on history, this utopian dream of a “perfect” society doesn’t ever end with “freedom.”

Do a web search on “protests planned for the 4th of July 2020.” This year’s observance of our independence may contain fireworks, but it’s not the kind you like to watch. There’s a lot of “information” out there. 

Regardless of where you are enjoying the celebration, but stay plugged in, aware of potential trouble. 

Happy Independence Day.